One of the most classic makeup looks is donning a red lipstick and a winged cat eye which never goes out of style. Depending on the particular shade of red and the brand you intend to sport, you too can instantly make yourself look like a Hollywood star in no time. Make sure that you use products like Holika Holika so that your face will be smooth and radiant, perfect for your red lip look.

However, in order to get that instant glam look by sporting a perfectly red-lipped pout, here are some crucial steps you need to remember:

1. Decide on which shade of red best suits you

When picking the right shade of red for you, experts recommend checking your skin’s undertone which is the color underneath your skin’s surface. These colors are classified into three shades which are:

  • Cool tones – skin with pink, red, and bluish tone to their skin
  • Warm tones – skin with yellow, golden, and olive hues; and
  • Neutral – skin with either a combination of both or neither of the warm and cool range

These undertones can be found on any skin tone regardless of how fair or tanned you are. If you are unsure of what your undertone is, check the color of your veins found on your inner wrist. If you have:

  • Blue/purple veins – you most likely have cool undertones;
  • Blue/Blue-green/Green veins – warm undertones; and
  • A combination or neither of the vein colors mentioned – neutral undertones

Knowing your undertones help narrow your options in determining which particular shade of lipstick can help bring your inner glow. If you have:

  • Cool undertones – go for deep bluish-reds; and
  • Warm undertones – go for colors with a coral or orange base

If you have neutral undertones, consider yourself one of the lucky ones! Women with neutral undertones can rock almost any shade of red without worrying about looking unnatural.

2. Prepare your lips before application

Red is a bold and daring color which means you will need a soft and hydrated base to make it look smooth. To do this is to prepare your lips by applying on a lip scrub, a product that helps exfoliate your lips by gently sloughing off dead skin cells. After exfoliating, follow this step with a moisturizing agent that prevents any cracks and flakes from forming. One great example is using organic Argan oil which is a natural hydrating agent. After applying, wait for it to dry for at least five minutes before applying your product.

3. Start with a base

Once your lips are soft and practically kissable, start first by applying lip primer which helps keep the color of your lipstick vibrant all day. After primer, apply lip liner around the edges of your lips to prevent lipstick from bleeding out.

4. Use a brush

Lipstick brushes help apply red colors evenly and prevents it from looking running. For a full on pout, apply lipstick from the center of your lips and work towards the edges on both sides.

5. Finish it off

After applying lipstick, finish it off with translucent powder to keep the product in place. To do this, lay a clean piece of tissue over your lips and gently brush over it with powder. Follow this step with another layer of color if you need to.

Additional tips:

  • Adding a bit of shine

Add a bit of glam to your look by adding just a hint lip gloss on the very center of your lip. If you are looking for all around shine, consider using liquid lipsticks instead to save time and effort.

  • Use concealer or foundation to correct smudges

Mistakes during application can be common but still frustrating to deal with. For a quick-fix, apply a thin layer of concealer or foundation on the edge of your lips. This also helps ensure your color stays crisp and refined.

  • Balance your look

A bold lip paired with both a dominant eye and heavily contoured cheeks can make your face look heavy and unnatural. For a perfectly balanced look, experts recommend pairing your red lips with only one of the two but never both. This means either pairing your red lipstick with a light smokey eye look (by using brown shades instead of black) or pairing it with a sculpted face. In most cases, this glamorous look usually looks best during the night instead of the day.


What makes red lipstick so timeless and elegant is that it can effortlessly turn you from a youthful, innocent girl to an older yet more sophisticated woman. Considered as a staple for artists and models everywhere, it’s no secret that rocking a red-lip can make you look and feel gorgeous.

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