Precise data in Keyword Rank Checker for locations down to the city
Strong Keyword Suggestion tool with important metrics to pick the most effective keywords
Scheduled site audits with actionable SEO advice


Not enough tools for Social Media Marketing.

Bottom Line

WebCEO offers 15 SEO tools which help to rank keywords better on search engines and drive more traffic.

Web CEO Review 2019

WebCEO is an online SEO platform, that offers 15 tools for keyword research, rank tracking, link building and backlink quality checks, SEO audits, competitor research, social media monitoring, white-label SEO tools and easy-to-follow SEO checklists.


WebCEO allows you to run basic SEO routines: automated rank tracking, keyword research, SEO and technical audits. The platform is user-friendly. Once you’ve signed up to the service, you will be able to have a quick glance on your overall site performance. On the  dashboard you will see an impressive range of tools which help users simplify their SEO maintenance.

The WebCEO tools allow you to research keywords and pick the most effective ones, rank pages with them and then build and manage backlinks. An in-depth competitor analysis is great to keep an eye on your competitors’ strategies and stay ahead of the competition. You can embed Google Search Console and Google Analytics with most of the WebCEO tools.

WEB CEO Keyword Tool

WebCEO is a good solution for in-house SEO teams and big SEO agencies. There are four standard plans: Startup ($99/mo), Corporate ($199/mo), Agency Fixed ($499/mo) and Agency Unlimited ($99/mo + scanning fees). You can also try a free 14 days trial to get acquainted with the service. You should know that a free trial isn’t equivalent to any of the priced plans and it has limitations for different services: scheduled report scanning, API access, SEO interface branding etc. You are able to use all the features with the priced plans.

On the main page you will see a site Dashboard with all critical information on site performance:

  • Rank Tracker data – average rankings by chosen keywords and search engines, number of keywords in the top 10;
  • Backlink analysis – new ones and unnatural ones;
  • Technical audit – broken links, missing images and other issues;
  • SEO analysis – your site optimization with meta tags, outbound links, URL structure etc;
  • Social activity – mentions and visits (Twitter and blogger web buzz, Facebook, Google+).

web Ceo rank tracking

By clicking on different boxes, you can get filtered and sorted or more detailed information for most tools.

WebCEO’s Rank Tracker is well-known in the niche. It provides tracking of any kind of organic, vertical and paid search results from both Desktop and Mobile devices. It allows localized search results by postcode or city.

WebCEO’s site auditing tools offer detailed suggestions on more than 50 influence ranking factors, including mobile friendliness and page load speed, as well as recommended changes to HTML code and Schema markup.

WebCEO’s Support Center is impressive as you can always call or chat with a Support Angel and receive an answer quickly.


WebCEO consists of 15 important SEO tools, each of which is a must-have both for in-house teams and big SEO agencies.


  • Unlimited Keyword Suggestions
  • Keyword Basket with tags
  • Rank Tracking (mobile and desktop results; image, video, news, places, shopping results)
  • Local Rank checks (narrowed down to the country, state and even city)
  • Technical Audit
  • SEO Analysis
  • Site Structure Optimization
  • Landing Page Analysis
  • Daily scanning on demand
  • Multi user logins simultaneously at no extra charge
  • Backlink Quality Check
  • Link Text Analysis
  • Link Detox tools
  • Link Building tools
  • Content Submission
  • Web Buzz Monitoring
  • Social Engagement Analysis
  • Facebook Insights
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Facebook Insights
  • Web Analytics (integration with Google Analytics)
  • Competitor Metrics tools


  • White-label SEO platform on your own domain
  • Branded SEO Reports (pdf, csv)
  • SEO Lead Generation tool
  • Task Manager


  • Starting Price: $99/mo – or 14 days free trial
  • Money Back: Yes 30 Days
  • Sign up Free
  • Support: Phone, Live chat, e-mail


  • Web CEO Limited
  • www.webceo.com
  • Founded 1992
  • United Kingdom
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