Over time, there have been several quit smoking options being introduced in the market to assist individuals in avoiding the harmful effects of tobacco smoking. Options such as nicotine patches, nicotine gums as well as prototype nicotine intakes are available. All these are readily available without a prescription. However, at buyv2cigs.co.uk. there are better alternatives for a regular addicted smoker.

These are:

Herbal cigarettes

Herbal cigarettes aid smokers to stop their nicotine addiction majorly in two ways. They promote a loss of the urge to smoke, and they fight the depression associated with quitting smoking.

 With smoking tobacco-free cigars, one can enjoy a similar taste and sensation but without the numerous health issues associated with traditional cigarettes.


These are some of the latest inventions for smokers which use the idea of producing smoke without fire. They give smokers a healthier option to smoke and can also be used by people who desire to quit smoking.

E-cigarettes transform the liquid into vapor which is inhaled instead of tobacco by use of a liquid form of nicotine or other flavorings. Also, they don’t contain the many chemicals present in tobacco.

Besides, they don’t produce a bad smell as smoking tobacco does; thus they can be smoked in public.


Hookahs are usually water-cooled pipes consisting of one or several tubes that enable various individuals to smoke from the same pipe. They can be used with herbs or any other flavorings.

The main advantage of hookahs is that they don’t contain tobacco which is the leading cause of various health problems. Regular cigarettes consist of dried tobacco leaves as well as other poisonous chemicals which are detrimental to health.

However, an e-hookah proffers a similar smoking experience but doesn’t have the harmful effects of tobacco or other chemicals. Hookahs contain no tar but they provide vapor to inhale than smoke, they also don’t contain secondhand smoke since they produce vapor only.

Also, they don’t lead to bad breath since they don’t produce any odor since they use different e-liquid flavors.

Therefore, a hookah can be smoked anywhere without bothering others who don’t smoke; they can be smoked in public spots without inconveniencing anyone.


This is the process of passing hot air through the use of a vaporizer and inhaling the result. By controlling the air temperature, vaporizers can generate vapor containing nicotine, but this vapor doesn’t contain harmful carcinogens or tars found in smoke. This is achieved since it releases active ingredients at low temperatures than the point of combustion; hence no carbon is burned.


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