The world has become a digital marketing place, and you have to be technologically updated in every field to succeed. Today we all need the best video conferencing app and the best presentation video maker because the demand for engagement and personalization has increased manifolds. Another important concept associated with the conferencing and video PPT is staff productivity in a workplace that gives way to the ultimate profit.

However, it is crucial to select from the best apps to record presentations because only a powerful tool will help you handle your communication with your clients. And now that we are working remotely, a great PPT video maker will make it super easy for your team to convey their ideas and maintain contact even from home.

video conferencing app

What makes a great video conferencing app?

If you are a company with employees and clients in different parts of the world or working remotely, you need the best video conferencing app. The reason is that you will have to hold business meetings now and then and share your ideas with them, so you will require a platform that serves this purpose. However, there are few things that you need to see in the app you choose. The first thing is the quality of the video calls. No one wants interruption in online meetings, and a low-quality call can kill the enthusiasm and become a headache.

The second most important thing is the ability of the app to work smoothly while you are giving a presentation to your team members or clients. Presentations are super crucial as they have arranged ideas and plans, so you need to select a video conferencing app that allows you to deliver the best video presentations. Reliability in sharing your screen space with other members or clients and features like annotations and virtual whiteboard make your video conferencing app the best.

great video conferencing app

Reasons Soom is your best solution for video conferencing.

Now that we have talked about the best features a video conferencing app should have, let’s look at SOOM that checks all the boxes for the best solution to present live in a video conference. SOOM is an entirely free video PPT maker and one of the best apps to record video presentations. It allows you to create customized Hd quality video presentations to make your video conferencing super engaging and productive. Your clients see the difference and improvement in your presentations, and it becomes a great learning experience for your team members.

SOOM is an entirely free video PPT

SOOM allows you to connect with the best video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Skype, Zoho, Voov, Lark, and Discord, where you can interact with the people you want and give them live video presentations. SOOM also allows you to record your ultra-high-quality presentations and send them to your clients and employees so that they can watch them multiple times whenever they want. Now, let’s talk about some more fun features and functions of SOOM.

Soom is your best solution for video conferencing.

Soom: Functions and Features

SOOM is the best video presentation maker because it allows you to do live presentation sharing and video recording of your presentation. The best part about both these features is that the quality doesn’t get compromised.

  • SOOM allows you to start with thousands of presentation templates where you only have to add your media and text, which is a matter of a few clicks. And once you are satisfied with your product, you can share it with others or send the file to the concerned party. You can also upload the presentation on social media platforms because it is in video format.
  • The companies who have trouble when they either see the presentation or the presenter can use SOOM because you can see both content and the presenter simultaneously.
  • You can play a lot with the effects and background of your presentations if you don’t like the already formulated templates, which is highly unlikely.
  • SOOM can get used for multiple purposes, including education, business cooperation, enterprise recruitment, marketing, and training. You can make full-fledged online courses using this presentation-making software. 
  • The smooth transitions and styles are only a part of SOOM. However, the best thing about it is that the software is entirely free. So, you can download it to your windows for no money at all.


Here we will conclude our article about the best presentation maker app during video conferencing, and we hope you will take our suggestion and look into SOOM. Video presentation has become a need in today’s age, and if you are getting software that is doing all your work for free, you should get it. Other software options charge you so much money and do nothing, so it’s better to stick with SOOM and get your work rightly done.

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