SEO marketing has continued to evolve in recent times, with companies playing catch up to obtain the best tools, to maintain a competitive edge in the market.  With so many SEO tools in the marketing industry. It can be a daunting task deciding to settle on a particular solution. Still, key in this uncertainty is your ability to succinctly understand your target audience and what search terms they might be typing on google. This will guide you in making a proper choice of the tool to use for generating backlinks, understanding your competition, and generating more inbound traffic.

Below is a list of some of the essential SEO tools you can consider, spanning from do-it-all solutions to those designed for keywords and link analysis.


An exceptional tool, especially in comparing two domains stats, best suited for competition research and ad strategy development. It has formidable competencies in keyword research and website audits. A typical website audit encompasses finding and fixing errors within your site, quantifying organic search data, and analyzing backlinks. SEMrush also provides suitable features for tracking how your online marketing strategy is faring as well as aiding in conducting social media pay per click marketing.

Some of its key advantages are its modular enterprise plan coupled up with its suite of over 40tools that you can use to review and boost your online marketing strategy.

Google Keyword Planner

The Google Keyword Planner is free to anyone with a Google account. However, you also need to have a Google AdWords account to enable access to the tool capabilities. Some of its fundamental features are discovering keywords and checking for keywords metrics.

Keywords are discovered when you enter words related to your specific industry or company; it is then able to produce a list of suggested keywords, an approximate monthly search result, and cost per click estimation. It can also be used when comparing keyword analytics. 

Best SEO tools 2020


Ubersuggest offers a free program that allows for data collection of given keywords or domain names. It achieves this by indicating keyword volumes and the average cost per clicks, moreover, it can predict long-tail keywords and top site ranking for each entered keyword.

It helps make SEO strategy more successful for companies, more so in gaining a competitive edge in the market. With reports that enable businesses to write better content for more readers.


Critical in providing a comprehensive analysis of the competition, it also presents you with keywords used by your target audience, which can help you gather the best content for your readers and hence aid in promoting your business.

With its 24-hour customer support and frequent feature updates, Ahrefs presents a forte in the SEO industry.

Google Analytics

This tool can track your website data in real-time by showcasing a wide range of data points assembled in categories such as behavior, acquisition, and conversion. By allowing you to create customized goals and reports, your ability to know the areas, you need to focus your SEO efforts. Additionally, it provides you with a dashboard that helps you in measuring your SEO metrics.

Google Analytics is an entirely free tool, which is easy to use and customizable depending on your business needs and goals 

Deep Crawl     

In case your company needs a reliable crawler, then you need to look no further than the Deep Crawl. A crawler on steroids, it is fast and thorough and does a great job of visualizing your company’s SEO data. It can be used for:

  • Content and on-page analysis
  • In-depth technical audits and forensic SEO
  • Issues analysis as part of the sales proposal

Deep crawl is very user-friendly with easy to read interface that’s why it’s a leading crawler in the market the only disadvantage is that it is a bit highly-priced compared to Screaming Frog

It is a critical tool for link prospecting, outreach campaigns, and outbound sales. As a company, you can use LinkedIn sales navigator in getting prospects and then leverage the capabilities of to find reliable email addresses. The reason being that email communications are more effective when compared to LinkedIn messaging. Email communication is a crucial channel of communication for most businesses with a measurable return on investments. is exceptional in getting email addresses and comes with a simple chrome plugin; when used on a small scale, it is free for up to 50 requests per month.

Moz Link Explorer  

It has an SEO toolbox that will help you in auditing your websites efficiently by using the keyword explorer tool. It will provide your business with keyword metrics, including monthly search volumes.

The link explorer tool helps in finding problems within your company’s website structure such as: Whether google is indexing all your links and How backlinks are affecting your domain score.

Yoast SEO

It is a widely used SEO tool in WordPress sites because of its ease of use and its user-friendliness. It is scouted because of its intuitive user interface UI. It can analyze content for keyword density and user review links as well as checking alt text in images.

From the analysis, it helps in making recommendations on how your business can improve its SEO rating. Yoast SEO has a free basic version, whiles its premium equivalent is bundled with additional features like finding most used phrases and making comparisons to keywords.

Screaming Frog

As an analysis tool, it is primarily targeted on technical SEO.  Screaming Frog quickly scans your company website for issues relating to links, XML, and the existing site architecture.

It also allows for integration with Google Analytics for more comprehensive reporting. One of its essential features is its spider crawler that can scan URLs and review all technical elements of the page.


For the year 2020, your content marketing strategy should help inform your decision on the choice of SEO tools to use. Despite the challenges you might face in choosing from a pool of SEO tools, the once listed here will guide you in improving your SEO rating by increasing conversation hence boosting sales. 

Finally, the choice of SEO tools should be an enabler in generating more targeted traffic, growing your website search traffic online as well as, providing insights into the searches for your particular niches, consequently it is even better if the tool enhances your competitive advantage.

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