What Can Make An Efficient Laser Marking Machine?

In daily life, we often go to some supermarkets, or places like large shopping stores. Among these items, we often see some labels on them, or printing with calligraphy and painting patterns. Some of the patterns are printed on the metal, they look particularly good, but we may always get confused. We don’t know how this pattern is printed, and it can’t be cleaned. At this time, we will introduce a machine like a laser marking machine. It is a machine that helps these objects to be patterned.

Many factories, like some food factories, have their own logos, or some of their own company’s pattern prints, which will make their company’s products more famous. A laser marking machine is needed to help them accomplish such things. Many production companies have their own laser marking machines, so that they can help them better achieve some patterns and help them to promote the company’s brand and bring more benefits to the company.

TASTELASER marking system fuses the industry experience and application knowledge for years. We aim at providing more efficient laser marking machines for global customers. Under the major environment of intelligent manufacturing, industry connotation becomes the key to enterprise survival. TASTELASER has profound experience in industries of leather, paperboard, textile, mobile phone, smart home and LED lighting etc.

Located in Guangzhou, TASTELASER team devotes itself to R&D, production and sales of high-end 3D optical fiber, high power CO2 and ultraviolet laser marking machine to meet the market demand of advanced marking machines. With the development of laser marking technology, we are the market leader in 3-axis dynamic focus technology, realizing remarkable mark quality in optical fiber, CO2 and ultraviolet laser marking system.

Laser marking machine is not so complicated to use, it can be used by many people, and the operation of this machine requires only one person, it can be easily completed, and it can save some employees’ use of many factories. When we are working on this machine, we must ask some professional personnel to carry out some drills so that we can use this machine better. So what can make an efficient laser marking machine?

1. Ingenious Designs

Ingenious Designs

ABS + PC material, sealed mold design to prevent dust from entering in order to extend the life span of the machine.It is a light weight design, the weight of the machine less than 50KG. Dust-proof equipment can prevent dust from interfering with the efficient operation of the machine, and it also provides great convenience for later maintenance. This eliminates the trouble that non-professionals do not understand professional maintenance, and this design greatly brings convenience to buyers.

We have an experienced R&D team that successfully controls the weight of the laser marking machine. While ensuring high efficiency, the weight reduction makes the machine easy to be moved, which has become one of the new trends.

On the other hand, it adopts precise linear guide drive, with photoelectric sensor switch limit control, transmission more efficient,more compatible, stable and durable.

2. Intelligence


It is mainly made up of three functions: running data monitoring system developed based on the internet technology platform ; data acquisition and transmission. Data analysis and display . Open the APP software in phone you can intuitively see the parameters of monitored equipment.

Exclusive research, focusing control cards and algorithms equipped with high-precision CMOS sensor. High-precision one-button auto focus function can be achieved. With security, process reminder, quick use,simple maintenance, and so on.

After extensive research and development by the R&D team, based on years of experience and combined industry trends, the data control system and autofocus greatly enrich the user experience.

3. Safety

Safe use is the most important, which is related to the safety of users. An efficient laser marking machine should take safety measures and let consumers use the product with confidence.

Taste Laser marking machine adopts low voltage DC24V to control the equipment start and stop, meet European standard of low voltage start-up requirement. Compatible input voltage is AC 85-265V, frequency is 50HZ / 60HZ.

What’s more, it adops inductive shut-off technology, if the operator open the door when the laser is working, the shutter will be immediately shut down to effectively reduce accidental injury by fault operation.

In general, an efficient laser marking machine has excellent design and high-tech, and safety should also be considered. To meet these conditions, Taste Laser is fully available.


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