What do I need to know before going to St Barts?

St. Barts is a French island with a fantastic blend of French culture and the West Indies. No doubt, St. Barts has some culinary scenes and natural beaches. This Caribbean Island offers visitors a chance to unwind and enjoy nature. 

For example, St. Barts has over 20 beaches despite being a small Island. You may be surprised that many people don’t know that St. Barts offers a lot of unique sites and scenes. To learn more about St. Barts, read this blog; you will be happy you did so before embarking on your trip.

Euro is the official currency

The official currency that is used in St. Barts is the euro. Even though the euro is the official currency, you can use the US dollar to conduct transactions. Not to mention, credit and debit cards are widely accepted at retail stores in St. Bart. However, Visa cards seem to be more prevalent compared to American Empress. Therefore, having more euros than dollars is best if you want to pay with cash. 

The best time to visit

If you plan to visit St. Barts, the best time to visit is between December and April. The reason you should visit during this period is that in St. Barts, the weather is sunny. In addition, December to April is the peak period for travelers. During these periods, travelers would have to pay high prices to travel to St. Barts. If you visit St. Barts for a vacation from May through November, the rains might not allow you to enjoy most outdoor activities. Also, some restaurants and porch places often close down and reopen during the summer.

Safest Islands in the Caribbean

Your safety at St. Barts is guaranteed because the locals are friendly and watch out for each other. There are almost very few reports of violent crimes in St. Barts. Also, there are very few petty crimes and any reports of emergencies. Furthermore, you can always call St. Barts emergency numbers, and they will respond swiftly.

Amazing nightlife

Interestingly, St. Barts has impressive nightlife. Every night of the week offers some one event or the other. Aside from that, you can sit out late at night without fearing for your security. You can also enjoy a sexy night out with your partner. Clubs and bars in St. Barts are open till daybreak. Most bars and restaurants have a barbeque, cocktails nights, and other thrilling events. 

Beautiful beaches

St. Barts is a small Island, but it has a total of 22 beaches. The beaches have clear water and fantastic scenery. Notably, the beaches have unique features. For example, the Shell beach sand has several shells on it. You can also go to Gouverneur or Saline Beach, where nude sunbathing is completely allowed. Furthermore, all the beaches in St. Barts are securely guarded to forestall any unruly behavior or incident.

Delicious meals

St. Barts is known for its amazing cuisine and various options. Visitors have a long list of meals to choose from. Also, you can request international dishes. More so, you can find restaurants that offer fine dining or casual. Nevertheless, making reservations is very important if visiting St. Barts during the peak period. Sometimes, some visitors make restaurant reservations weeks before arriving at St. Barts. No matter how busy St. Barts is during the summer, there’s always a place to get a delicious meal.


St. Barts is a beautiful place to visit for vacation or if you want to relocate. As a matter of fact, the atmosphere in St. Barts is friendly and offers a lot of peace. Sometime in 2017, hurricanes almost hit St. Barts and other islands hard. However, St. Barts and all the other islands around it have been rebuilt and doing fine. Finally, a travel agent can help you plan the perfect stay in St. Barts


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