An outdoor fireplace is a perfect addition to your home improvement, especially if you live in colder areas and would like a nice and cosy nook in your backyard. They add to the personality of your house and provide the perfect set-up to stargaze or even just work outside if you are tired of your home office. Here we have compiled a list of benefits of an outdoor fireplace that will convince you to get one if you are considering. Our professionals at Ageless Chimney have the necessary training in the right procedures to ensure that your Fireplace Repair NYC is fully cleaned.

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Ambience and Warmth 

Outdoor fireplaces add warmth to your space, making it the perfect spot to gather around with your friends and family to unwind. Apart from the aesthetic warmth, fireplaces are also the perfect place to warm yourself up in the colder months. Outdoor fireplaces are perfect for those who enjoy nature and like spending time outside. Add a few lights around your porch and you will have yourself the perfect ambience to just sit back and relax.

They can extend your home

One of the biggest benefits of an outdoor fireplace is that it can give your home the alfresco effect- which means it can extend the inside of your home to the outside so that it all looks like it’s come together neatly. Much like a fireplace inside your home, fireplaces outside can provide the perfect focal point in your patio or backyard. Add in a few comfy chairs and cushions, and you are good to go! If you want to transform your space, even more, consider getting a projector and use it for movie nights outside and you have yourself a perfect cosy spot to curl up in.

There are no style limitations

The benefit of an outdoor fireplace is that there are no style limitations! They can be styled and decorated in any way you want and fit into almost every colour scheme. From modern to rustic, there are so many kinds of fireplace pits and designs that no matter the kind of interior design you choose, there will always be an option to include a fire pit that goes with the aesthetic. However, with fireplaces comes the risk of fire hazards. To safeguard your home against any such disasters, get fire alarms. You can get them installed by professionals by clicking here.

Home Value

Aside from the visual appeal, firepits are also good for increasing the resale value of the house. They add character to the home and are an attractive feature that a lot of people prefer, even if they did not think of it before. An outdoor fireplace will make your house stand apart from other houses by making the ambience better. In fact, according to the Marshall and Swift Residential handbook, your house value can increase anywhere between $3500 to $10,000, depending on the size and the design.

However, when deciding on the fireplace, it’s important to consider the location. Placing a firepit where the wind is a constant issue will make it impossible to have a good fire. Moreover, it also makes for an increased probability of embers flying away and starting a fire. Instead, choose an area where the wind does not affect the fireplace much and it’s easier to start and blow out the fire. Also, make sure that the furniture around your space is not made of easily inflammable material that can cause problems.

Helps with the bugs

Outdoor fireplaces are the perfect addition to your home if you live in a place where bugs are constant, fireplaces can help with it. They help in removing mosquitoes and bugs from the area and will ensure that you no longer have to cut short your barbeques and picnics because of them. You can burn herbs and softwood in your fireplace that helps in getting rid of them on a more permanent basis. A lot of people use fire as a way of removing invasive bugs and mosquitoes from their backyards!

They are easy to maintain

Now we know that the biggest concern when it comes to installing a fireplace is maintenance. And you would be surprised by how easy it is to maintain the space! Just like indoor units, it is important to clean your outdoor fireplace annually. When not in use, or when it’s raining or windy, you need to make sure that they are covered up. This will prevent children or animals from climbing in and getting hurt as well as reduce the possibility of the embers flying out and starting a fire. You will also need to remove and clean the ashes from time to time. However, these things are not that difficult to do and are easy tasks.