Well, it is very important to know the specifications and key features of the product a customer is using or want to make an order. Technology has make its place in today’s world and everywhere we see number of machines which individuals are suing in order to make their task easier and working more efficiently by the use of machines very frequently. One of those machines includes the metal stamping machine which has taken over the place of other machines out there.

Hot stamp machines is available to help industrialists and business man to shape the metal in their desired manner and make use of it in the way they want to. It is widely used in the industries like aerospace, automotive etc. the industries are becoming efficient due to the use of heavy machinery and relying heavily on it. Therefore, with efficiency, the quality of machinery means a lot to industrialists because they have to deliver their work by using less time so no compromise can be made on the quality, cost, and production of a machine.

Stamping the general term that best describe the industrial forming processes and it occurs when the engineers done with the designing and they undergo appropriate stamping technique and the options include:engraving, punching, piercing, coining, flanging, drawing, lancing etc. stamping in easy words means “pressing”. So when the metal is placed inside the stamping press, it molds the metal in the required shape and size.

Types of the Metal Tag Stamping

There are three types of metal tag stamping which are:

  • Transfer Die Stamping
  • Progressive Die Stamping
  • Four Slide
  • Fine Blanking

Now, you really want to know about metal tag stamping. Yes, you are right; it’s the method to label or tag the required pieces of metal and is called as “Metal Tag Engraving”. It is commonly used technique to label our daily life labeling such as nameplates, car keys, hotel room keys etc. Moreover, they are enhanced and upgraded by integrating it with computer software for the purpose of accuracy.

Pros and Cons of Metal Tag Stamping Machine

Metals sheets are used across the borders for its major use in cell phones to high machinery use at industries and are responsible for the validity and accuracy. For that reason, it has number of pros and little or no cons. Let’s discuss the pros first:

  • High in speed
  • Cost-effective
  • Efficient
  • Easy set-up
  • On a single press, can attain number of shapes and sizes of metal
  • Less time consumption with longevity
  • High in quality

But if we look on it cons, there are just two of them: Sim card trays cannot be pressed by stamping and secondly it’s not customized for the manufacturers to choose options themselves.

After looking at the cons of stamping machine, customers must be worried about which brand to choose for ordering the machine because if it will be any local product then might be after some time, it will not work properly and once again the customer has to make a choice so here’s the guide when looking for brands of the stamping machine:

The two top brands are: Pannier Metal Tag Stamping Machine and HeatSign Metal Tag Stamping Machine. The Pannier Tag Stamping Machine offers the complete range of solutions with integrated and up to date system. The second is the best of all as it is widely being acknowledged by large number of customers and growing faster with 5 star reviews of customers. They deal with a multiplicity of “Industrial Marking Systems”, “Laser Marking Systems”, and “Dot Peen Marking Systems”. Out of these three, laser marking systems has made its mark in the market because it quite efficient as compared to other systems in the market. They are responsible to deliver their products in almost 50 countries around the world as it reduces the cost and increases the productivity.Therefore, when looking for metal stamping machine, choose the best you can on the basis of features discussed in this article!