What Services Can a Locksmith in Chicago Perform?

What Services Can a Locksmith in Chicago Perform

Many people do not realize that locksmiths offer much more than unlocking doors – here are just a few services they provide!


If you find yourself locked out of your home or car, a locksmith can help get you back in. In addition to unlocking, it for you, they may also install additional security measures like door alarms and keyless entry systems; while some specialize in master key systems – complex security solutions designed specifically to secure large buildings or offices.

Before hiring one though, be sure to ask for their credentials and samples of their work; additionally, they should be insured and licensed; some may ask to see your insurance card or membership card prior to beginning any work.

If your home’s locks have seen better days, a locksmith can replace them with newer, more secure models. Rekeying locks is another cost-cutting measure which prevents previous owners from accessing your home through existing keys; this option may also save time.

Locksmiths provide services such as the repair or replacement of damaged lock hardware and installation of new deadbolts and cylinders. Although individuals may attempt this on their own, without the necessary knowledge and equipment it can be an insurmountable challenge; hiring a locksmith ensures that the job will get done efficiently and swiftly.


Rekeying locks is one of the most frequently performed services by locksmiths, as this involves replacing key pins inside of a lock with new keys to match with a different key. Rekeying is an inexpensive and effective way to alter locking mechanisms at homes or businesses alike; changing key pins costs far less than replacing entire locks.

Locksmiths provide another important service by installing master key systems in businesses, apartments, and condominiums. In Chicago, simply Google “Chicago master key locksmith near me” to find help, fast. These systems allow one key to open all doors within an entire complex or building – which makes them popular among large homes, offices, rental properties, etc.

When selecting a locksmith, prioritize those with experience working on master key systems for large buildings. An expert in installing and maintaining these systems can ensure all doors can be opened using just one key.

They will also recommend additional security upgrades for your home or office, such as alarm systems, video surveillance systems and electronic devices that they will install quickly and efficiently as well as provide ongoing maintenance to keep everything working properly.

Residential Locksmiths

Locksmiths who specialize in residential security often provide many different services for their clients. These may include lock installation, rekeying, and key duplication as well as deadbolt installation or repair and window guard installation/repair. It is essential that these professionals be trusted with keeping families secure against intruders who could gain entry through unlocked windows or weak locks.

When hiring a locksmith for these purposes, be sure to inquire about their credentials and certifications. They should be licensed and insured, with references from previous clients available that will give an idea of the quality of their work. Furthermore, they should be willing to come at times convenient for you – you do not want an unexpected visit!

Some locksmiths provide security consultations, designed to assess an individual’s existing security measures, and suggest any additional steps they could take to increase it – for instance installing high-security locks or rekeying existing ones.

If you have recently moved into a new home, it may be worthwhile having your locks rekeyed. Chances are your builder and contractors have access to your house at some point during construction; therefore, they could have duplicate keys which make your house vulnerable to break-ins. A reliable locksmith can rekey your locks to limit who has entry.

Residential Locksmiths


Many people rely on safes to store items like jewelry, money and other precious belongings that could easily become lost or stolen. To prevent this from occurring, hiring a professional locksmith is crucial – they have the experience needed to help guide you in selecting and installing the appropriate safe in your home or business and opening several types of safes, such as digital and dial lock safes.

If you find yourself locked out of your home, car, or business, locksmiths offer fast and effective ways to gain entry without causing damage to any locks. Their specialized tools allow them to open various kinds of locks quickly and safely while they also offer services to rekey existing ones so that they work with a different key.

Locksmiths can also help with other security-related concerns, such as window break-ins. Window break-ins have become an increasing threat in apartments and homes alike (https://www.apartmentguide.com/blog/apartment-break-in/), so to prevent further break-ins from taking place they can install special guards as well as alarm systems capable of detecting intruders and alerting police immediately.

As well as these services, locksmiths also specialize in installing specialty locks like those found on gun cabinets – these can be extremely hard to break into and require special tools to access. A locksmith will assess the situation and advise the appropriate course of action, while also installing keypad entry systems into garages or offices.

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