When most people make a purchase, they expect the product to fit the description of what they paid for.  Unfortunately, in many cases, buyers not only receive defective products but in some cases, they can even be dangerous for their health.

When it comes to consumers rights, you deserve to be compensated for the faulty goods you were sold.  Rather than accepting yourself to be exploited by a company, you should take the correct measures to stand up for your rights.

If you have recently purchased a product which was defective in some way, then be sure to do the following.

Report The Incident To The Merchant

The minute that you become aware of the problem you should alert the merchant as soon as possible.  In many cases your purchase is completely covered by the warranty; however, this isn’t your only guarantee.  

You also have automatic rights which state you should receive a replacement or refund if the product is defective.

Therefore, you should contact the merchant and inform them that you are not satisfied with the product and would like a refund.  At this point, you will most likely be asked for proof of purchase. This is a prime example of why you should always save your receipts for at least a year after making big purchases.

Don’t Take No For An Answer

At this point, the merchant will either accept or reject your request for a refund.  In the event that they refuse, you should contact the manufacturer directly.

If at this point you still aren’t offered a solution for your faulty product then it’s time to write a formal letter referencing The Consumer Act.   When you start referencing litigation of any sort, usually companies start listening.

Request a Replacement Or Repair

If you still find yourself out of luck for a favorable response, then you may want to start a new course of action.  The Consumer Rights Act gives you the right to replacement of faulty goods up to as many as six years following your purchase.

The retailer may try to dispute that the goods were damaged by no fault of their own which could lead to a long drawn out dispute.  Unfortunately, this calls for further action.

Hire A Lawyer

If you are committed to being compensated for the defective product that you received and still haven’t reached success, then you should consider hiring legal services.

A lawyer will be able to argue that you were taken advantage of by the merchant by putting profits over your well-being.

Although it requires an initial investment, it may be the most effective way to ensure that you are compensated for what you never received.  In some cases, you may win a large sum of money in court, and your efforts will be well worth it.


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