What You Should Know About CNC Lathe Machine

The Lathe Machine is known to be the mother of all the shaping processes of metal. It is controlled by computer numeric and has taken the whole manufacturing process to another level thereby reducing the involvement of manly force. 

The development and the design of the lathe machine have helped in increasing the productivity level and also guarantee efficiency. It has laid down the power of man and thus has helped in the low wages too. But what is exactly a lathe machine? Take a deep look below.

Lathe Machine

It is the multipurpose tool in the machine that swiftly rotates the piece to its axis that helps in performing various tasks such as shaping, cutting, turning, drilling, sanding, etc. The aim of the lathe is to create an object of symmetry with the help of the various tasks. Today, with the development of technology, everything is operated through computerized systems in the operation of the machine.

Earlier, lathe machines were available in the wooden and metal materials. But now, they are available in different kinds of materials making it convenient in the manufacturing industry. The lathe machines are known to perform continuously and automatically which would be followed by supervision occasionally. 

The modern and advanced lathe machines have widely replaced the older lathe versions in the department of machining and production. They are very simple in operation process, accuracy is provided perfectly and delivers products of top grades. They are also known to offer axis drives that are high-powered, maintaining and monitoring the tool position of the feedback control and constantly high speeds motion of the complex machines. Once all the functional parameters are provided, the operation of the machine can be set up easily thereby eliminating the manual repetitive adjustments.

The CNC Lathe Machines are programmed in such a way that the work is carried out precisely and quickly with the help of drills and tools. This would otherwise be difficult in the older versions of the lathe machines. 

Types of CNC Lathe Machines

The latest lathe machine has very well replaced the older lathe machines and is also for the good reason such as precision, machine accuracy, ease and repeatability of operation. This has been developed to make use of the modern techniques of tooling that includes the carbide tools as well and also for maximum efficiency in production. There are various types of Lathe machines and they are also different in terms of their manufacturers. But there are few features that are common in all the lathe machines. 

The prime and the most basic operation of the lathe machine require the turret which gives place to the tool holder while directing the work accordingly. The work of the spindle is to clasp the workpiece while the slides which are inbuilt permit the turret to move the axis in multiple ways. The CNC machines are enclosed completely during the process of operation for the safety of the operator.

Special Features of the CNC Lathe Machines

With the advancement of technology, the various manufacturers of lathe machines recruit different technologies in the interface users that may lead the operators to face difficulties in learning the system.

The advanced and affordable computers that come with operating systems like the Linux and other related CNC software has helped in making the machines available and affordable in the industry of machines. 

Parts of the Lathe Machines

  • Bed – All the lathes come with a bed and the beam is always horizontal. They rarely have a vertical or an inclined bed to make sure that the chips or the swarfs falls do not fall from the bed of the lathes. Just as the name, it takes the position of the base in the machine where the various components of the machines are mounted. 

Lathes are also available in single-bed and two-three piece beds. The single beds are very popular in the market while the two-three beds are used in the place to meet the length of the product. The dampening capacities of the beds are high so that it absorbs the vibrations that are produced by the operation of the machines. 

  • Carriage It is used for moving and mounting the cutting tools which move the tool vertically and horizontally on the bed for the cutting process to go smoothly. It has the saddle, apron, cross slide, compound rest and tool post. 
  • Chuck – The work of the chuck is to hold the workpiece. It is linked to the spindle that helps in rotating both the workpiece and the chuck. In the case of lathe machine, generally, three or four jaw check is used.
  • CNC Control Panel – It is the machine’s storage center, where it stores all the instructions and programs of CNC. The machine is operated by controlling the panel keys.
  • Headstock – It acts as the device for holding other components like the spindle, gear chain, driving pulley, etc. It is constructed from cast iron and can be seen on the lathe’s left side.
  • Main Spindle – It is the machine’s prime feeding center. The stock is suckled through the headstock.
  • Main Drive Motor – It helps in the rotation of the chuck which in turn drives the whole machine.
  • Tailstock – It is used in the operation of drilling and also supports the workpiece.
  • Tool Turret – It is the machine’s tool carrier. The size and shape of the turret are known by the tool numbers that will be loaded on them. 

The CNC lathe machine can be expensive. Hence, one can also opt for used CNC machines for they come a little less expensive. When you are planning to buy a second-hand machine, you should know the right place to buy. When you find a used CNC lathe for sale, make sure you reach out first because they are very popular and also in demand. They will be available mostly in places like the garage sale or industry sales. Keep yourself updated about the places where the sales take place so that you can grab the opportunity at the right time.


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