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So, you’ve seen a lot of articles about the benefits of using LED downlights and you are asking yourself whether or not is time to upgrade to LED. Moreover, if you are looking for installing LEDs for commercial purposes, you might want to review the beneficial aspects for your business. Let’s see why you should switch to LED lightning solutions and how can it impact your business. Commercial purposes, office spaces or any other vast applications – these LED downlights can offer a variety of choices in terms of sustainability and efficacy.

How to decide if you need LED downlights for your commercial space

Before you actually buy LED lightning solutions, you should answer to the following questions. This will allow you to determine if this is the right approach for your business and, of course, what type of LEDs are suitable for commercial purposes.

#1 Do you want to benefit from energy efficiency?

The first thing you need to take into account is how energy efficient is your business. The main issue with high energy bills comes from the usage of traditional lightning in large spaces. So, if you want to diminish your expenses, you can replace your commercial lights with LED lights. It will contribute to the reduction in wattage, which ultimately will benefit your business’s financials.

By opting for LED downlights, you will be able to save up to 70% of your current energy bill. So, we can safely assume LED are the best solution for any business.

#2 Do you want to ease maintenance?

The truth is that traditional light bulbs are quite demanding in terms of maintenance and replacement. In commercial spaces, you need vast ceiling lightning solutions, which is why traditional lights can require a lot of maintenance.

But LED downlights represent a great choice for those that want to spend less on maintenance. Their lifespan is better than in the case of other lights, so you will need less replacement services.

#3 Do you want to boost the overall appearance of your commercial space?

Another advantage of using LEDs in commercial spaces is that they can better the visual appeal of any room. LED downlights can redirect light exactly where you need to, being applicable to most retailers, restaurants or office buildings. A better-looking set up will make everything seem less dull and more professional.

#4 Do you want to switch to sustainable sources?

Well, LED lightning solutions are one of the eco-friendliest illumination ideas available on the market. If you want to promote your business as socially responsible, you will need to install LEDs in your commercial space, as they are a sustainable method of adding light to a space.

Top LED downlights supplier

Top LED downlights supplier

So, if you want to install LED downlights in your commercial building or space, you can always opt for the professional services available at OBALS. with a vast experience in creating LED lights designs for commercial purposes, their team has a huge portfolio, which includes art galleries, shopping centres or store spaces.

One of the main LED solution with OBALS is the CFS-009 LED downlight. Due to its versatility, it can illuminate even the darkest space with a nice and cosy light. Besides this, the CFS-009 LED Downlight range has several other benefits, like:

• These LEDs are CCT changeable; 1-CCT and 3-CCT are optional;

• The wattage is changeable;

• They come with high efficiency, having 130lm/w at 4000k MAX (reticulate glass);

• These LED downlights are designed from die-casting aluminium body, which makes them extremely durable;

• These LEDs come with a competitive price for wholesale downlights. 

• The anti-glare reflector design is under development.

Hence, for the best quotes on LED downlights wholesale, you can make an inquiry with OBALS. They are one of the top LED lights supplier with a vast experience in manufacturing and designing LED lights solutions.


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