A cryptocurrency is a virtual currency that can be used to make digital purchases with parties who accept it as a means of exchange. Buying and selling cryptocurrency can work for you if you have been an interested investor in bonds and stocks. The only challenge that comes with trading in bitcoins compared to stocks and bonds is their high level of volatility. Although large fluctuations in the cryptocurrency exchange market increase the risk, it also increases the chances of making lucrative gains. Investors in crypto can work with brokers when trading in it to balance the risks and potential profits. It is advisable to consider this factor when selecting where to buy cryptocurrency. Different platforms also have requirements and safety measures put in place to ensure the privacy of their traders.

Key things to consider when deciding where to buy cryptocurrency

There are many cryptocurrencies in the market, but Bitcoin is the most common and best known. You diversify your investment risk when you buy various cryptocurrencies. The first step when you are planning to invest in virtual currency is knowing where to buy cryptocurrency. Different platforms offer different terms of trade, and you can go through their offers to decide on the platform that meets your preferences. Hacking is not unheard of in the cryptocurrency market and selecting a company that ensures the security of its investors’ balances and their transactions is necessary. It is best to look at the reputable platforms and what they offer to their clients or the traders to decide where you to buy cryptocurrency.

Below are some of the exchanges where to buy cryptocurrency:


Nakitcoins is the best exchange when you are looking for somewhere to buy and sell digital currency in Turkey. It has a physical office and also operates online to allow people from different countries to access it. As such, you can trade on Nakitcoins when you are looking for a platform to buy cryptocurrency. It has a safe and straightforward process and you will have an easy time learning how to buy cryptocurrency on NakitCoins. Besides, you do not have to worry about your identity being leaked in the process. You do not need to have an account to buy or sell coins on Nakitcoins.

Moreover, you can transfer funds using credit cards. The transaction fees for the various transfers are relatively low. Since some platforms can charge high amounts, it would be best to check the transaction fees charged on crypto coin sites before initiating any transactions.


Coinbase is one of the best-rated exchanges in the cryptocurrency trade in the US. Coinbase works well with starters, and if you are wondering where to buy and sell bitcoins, Coinbase is the solution.  Investing in different cryptocurrencies also gives the opportunity of enjoying returns for all of the best-performing cryptocurrencies. The platform also has reasonable fees for the transactions made through it, and you can get to trade with over 56 million users in over 100 countries. The notable downside about the platform is that it has high fees on large transactions due to spread pricing debit card transactions.


Robinhood is another cryptocurrency exchange with a good ranking in the market. It does not charge any commission when buying or selling bitcoins. You can use it to learn how to buy Bitcoin on exchanges if you are new to it because the process is as easy as that of stock market trading and investing. The newbies also get a bonus when they trade using Bitcoin. The notable cons about using the Robinhood platform that it does not offer the option of withdrawing bitcoin to a crypto wallet and it has a limited list of supported currencies. Also, the fact that traders cannot move coins out of the platform is another downside of this exchange.

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Coinmama is ranked among the best exchanges because it supports diverse payment options. In addition, you can easily transact on the platform once you open a crypto exchange account. Although people can buy Bitcoins instantly with a credit card if they have opened an account, the notable disadvantage about the instant Bitcoin delivery into the account is the additional fee of 5% on the transaction.


Now you know where to buy cryptocurrency if you have been seeking a reliable platform. The crucial thing is to check the safety offered by a platform and other factors such as the transaction costs, and the variety of digital currencies available.


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