Rubber tracks are essential for all industries that need professional handling of heavy or hazardous materials. And the top industries that make use of rubber tracks are construction and agriculture. Still, rubber track manufacturers experience yearly a lot of demand for other purposes, including military tracks and snowmobile tracks. 

Rubber tracks are a piece of versatile equipment and are frequently referred to as caterpillar tracks or tank threads. They provide a wide surface for even weight distribution on large vehicles and are more efficient than it is the case with basic tires. Rubber tracks are vital for any industry that transports materials, as they provide a secure method of carrying around heavy or volatile materials. Of course, there are several other advantages of rubber tracks, as revealed down below.

#1 Rubber tracks are the best solution for uneven or challenging terrain

No matter if you are looking for rubber tracks for agricultural purposes or solely for usage within another industry, the first feature you should look for is the ability of such tracks to function smoothly on rough terrain. So, the best rubber tracks can be used on all sorts of surfaces, including uneven terrain, mud, trenches or concrete roads.

#2 Rubber tracks have outstanding mobility

Standard tires are limited in terms of versatility and mobility, meaning they cannot be used for a wide array of purposes. Instead, rubber tracks come with outstanding movement over rough surfaces. They simply glide over bumps and can cross terrain breaks with little to no effort. 

#3 Rubber tracks come with better lifespan than regular tires

Rubber tracks are preferred due to their impressive lifespan. And they can be used for long periods because they cannot be torn or punctured. Besides, these qualitative tires can face a lot of abrasions, cuts, wear, and tear. And rubber tracks provide impressive traction of both soft and rough surfaces.

#4 Rubber tracks are the best solution for heavy-duty vehicles

Another advantage of using rubber tracks is that they provide a wide surface on which the weight of the vehicle is distributed. As such, accidents or goods damage are avoided, while the tracks are less prone to get stuck in mud or snow. 

#5 Rubber tracks are cost-efficient and an excellent investment

Well, any business owner has to plan his budget wisely. And if there are involved large vehicles, choosing rubber tracks can save a lot in terms of costs. Besides, having such tracks on vehicles can save a lot of the expenses for the transportation of special machinery or goods.

So, where to find the best rubber tracks solution?

Rubber Tracks Solution

With all these benefits in mind, you might ask yourself where you can find the most qualitative rubber tracks solution to meet massive market demands. You will want to opt for an easy to change and install solution, along with a lot of ease of maintenance.

We recommend the rubber track production line available at Dekuma, a rubber tracks solution provider with rich experience in the field of heavy-duty vehicles. Also, their portfolio of products includes only professional and durable pieces of equipment, so you can rest assured you will benefit from the best rubber track solutions on the market. The rubber tracks automatic production solution is great for the production of agriculture, construction, military, and snowmobile tracks. The rubber track production line provided by Dekuma comes with a lot of advantages, including:

  • High automation: The machine is available for automatic rubber material transferring, automatic steel cord tensioning, and semi-automatic taking out the product.
  • Energy-saving: Hydraulic pump adjusts the energy consumption during curing to avoiding the energy lost. The clamping force keeps stable during production. The rubber track automatic production solution can diminish the human resource demand, leading to a more efficient business approach;
  • Hydraulic precise control multiple actions: The flow of the pumps can be precisely adjusted from 0-100% during the multiple operations. Their rubber track production line is great for the independent development of automation programs.
  • Longer product life: Perfect performance between clamping unit and tension device improves the product life 50% longer. These rubber tracks are created based on top-notch technology, which can ensure high performance and longer product life.
  • Smart control product quality: Smart control and inspect the performance, data-adjust, data-saving of the machine can achieve high quality. A professional team is available to offer personalized technical solutions for your project, along with reliable engineering technology.
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