Want to take a dog home? Are you a pet owner for the first time, and can’t work out which breed to buy? Or would you like to buy another dog to send a company to your furry friend, and can’t quite decide which one to get to?  If you reside in India and are searching for a breed of dog so here is a list of India’s best environment-friendly and adaptable dog breeds:

1. Indian Spitz

Indian Spitz is one of the most charming breeds of dogs. This breed deserves treatment and pampering and is worthy of being a perfect companion. It’s often referred to as the Pomeranian but it is distinct. This intensely active breed of dogs is considered one of the smartest breeds. They are ideal for small rooms but can also thrive in large homes. They are polite and deeply respectful towards members of their families. Indian Spitz dogs are also good to other dog breeds and don’t compete with them.

2. Labrador

Labrador Retrievers are the most common breed of dogs. They are trainable, polite, and wise. They can tolerate the Indian climate well but may have trouble with excessive heat temperatures. Their thick double-coated skin which is water-repellent requires regular grooming. They do a lot of shedding. They are prone to being overweight and require regular workouts to remain healthy. They love the company and like to accompany you all day long.

3. Beagle

Beagles are super sweet and smart puppies. They are the cutest and one of the world’s most favorite breeds of service dogs. Because of their good sense of smell, these small to medium-sized lightweight dogs are used as sniffer dogs at airports. In conjunction with black and tan or orange, they are tricolor or white. They have a short thick, medium-long rough coat. Beagles prefer to eat everything that comes their way. They are particularly vulnerable to over-eating.

4. German Shepherd

The German Shepherd, deemed an all-purpose worker in the dog’s domain, is adventurous, friendly, smart, and a brave breed. It will put its life on the line for its family’s safety, rendering it one of the best defender dogs in the world. The German Shepherd will require a fair amount of physical exercise every day, being an energetic and athletic breed. The German Shepherds have a more accelerated growth rate and thus require a protein-rich diet. The German Shepherds are strongly shed and have a thick double coat that needs frequent brushing and cleaning. German Shepherds are smart dogs that are known for mastering a trick in just five repetitions.

5. Pugs

The Pug is one of the most common dog breeds with characteristics such as rumpled and short-muzzled faces, and curly tails. This strong, black dog breed has wide, piercing eyes. Pugs are coddlers and have humorous attitudes. If you are looking for a dog that you can connect easily with, this amusing-persona comical face is ideal for you. The mild climate is ideal for this breed – one that is not too cold, not too humid. They shed the least and need fewer baths. They are very nice to other dogs.

6. Indian Pariah Dogs

This ancient breed of dogs is extremely intellectual and quick to train. They are friendly and cautious. Pariah pups like proper socializing and they’re ideal for children and families. As a naturally developed breed, they have relatively fewer health problems and flourish in ideal climates with limited upkeep. These dogs are very healthy and their hair coat requires very little care. This breed can be quickly adopted by NGOs and rescue centers.

7. Rottweiler

Incredibly attentive and faithful to their family members, these dogs make for good family members. It’s recommended that they are socially conditioned right from childhood to keep the Rottweilers well managed. Although they have a short coat, Rottweilers do shed a decent amount of fur. Rottweilers are hypo-allergenic.

8. Doberman

They are brave, strong dogs, but they require regular exercise and long walks or runs every day. Doberman dogs can be found easily in most Indian towns, but they are not widely known for being comfortable with harsh conditions. But their unrivaled consistency, fair price, and average need for grooming make them a widely desired dog breed in India.


Make sure that you finish your study, narrow down your options, and then go through this guide since all dog breeds are not used to the Indian humid climate, food, and lifestyle. All dogs are outstanding and have specialties of their own. But if you have the choice of selecting one or more acceptable breed, then you will want to choose a budget-friendly dog breeds in India that adapts well to the Indian climatic conditions.

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