Why Ford Is Going For Future-Oriented Design

Ford becomes the second largest selling electric vehicle

Passenger vehicles are undergoing a major transformation. Car makers are moving to digital vehicles and are competing to see who can take the lead. Ford wants to be the front runner in this area and is taking steps to ensure the company leads the charge.

The company has already stated it will no longer make cars for the American market. Its focus will be on trucks and crossovers—vehicles it is already known for. The F-150 Lightning is a good example of what the future holds for this company. Individuals who wish to see the vehicles this company is producing should head over to ennis ford today to check them out.

Driver Engagement

One thing the company is focused on is how drivers interact with their vehicles. Everything is open to change. For example, Ford wants to be able to upgrade a driver’s car after they have purchased it, much like the driver upgrades their cell phone rather than purchasing a new one. Tesla has been offering this option for years, with owners benefiting from over-the-air updates.

Ford recognizes electric vehicles last longer than their gas counterparts, so drivers will appreciate having this option. It ensures drivers will be able to benefit from the evolution of technology. However, a driver may get tired of their vehicle long before its usefulness ends. Ford understands this and is making other changes within the company.

Updating an Existing Vehicle

A driver might become tired of their current vehicle. In fact, Autotrader reports people typically like to upgrade their rides every six years. Ford is looking to make it easy to update an existing car rather than trading it in for a new model. People spend more time in their cars following the global pandemic. They often prefer to eat in their car or work rather than being around others. They enjoy passive car time and want to be comfortable when benefiting from this time. The ability to upgrade the vehicle will help in this respect.

Aerodynamic Considerations

Drivers love the looks of the current Ford trucks and crossovers. They appeal to a loyal audience, so the company plans to keep these looks as long as possible. However, altering the aerodynamics may allow a driver to go further in their electric vehicle. The company is working to make improvements in this area without turning off those drivers who are currently satisfied with the looks of the Ford lineup. Beauty cannot be sacrificed for aerodynamics or sales could plummet.

Some Things Never Change

One change Ford recently discussed was eliminating AM radios in its vehicles. It quickly discovered doing so would not be a wise move, as this band is often used for emergency alerts. In fact, government officials strongly opposed this decision by Ford and let their feelings be known. Upon hearing their concerns, the auto manufacturer opted to keep AM radios in its 2024 Ford and Lincoln models.

Some vehicles already left the production line lacking this feature. Ford has announced a software update that will allow drivers to restore this feature in their rides. The company will keep this feature in vehicles even as it researches alternative ways for drivers to receive emergency alerts in a timely manner. The software update used to restore this feature is a good example of how Ford can promote driver engagement in the future with the help of over-the-air updates.

The auto manufacturing industry is advancing rapidly. However, Ford is willing to recognize when it needs to scale back on these changes. Thanks to its willingness to adapt, this manufacturer may serve as the industry leader in the future. This is something drivers should watch for in the coming months and years.

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