Mother’s breast milk is a unique food for newborns. It contains all the nutrients needed for the development and growth of the baby in the first months of life. But there are a number of reasons why a newborn is switched to artificial feeding. Different reasons imply different ways of weaning your baby. If breastfeeding is strictly forbidden, it stops completely. Sometimes giving up breastfeeding is a temporary measure, and after circumstances change, mothers return to breastfeeding. The most convenient option for feeding formula is to switch the baby to mixed feeding.

Today, there is a trend toward healthy eating and using organic baby formula. Let’s take a look at why parents choose organic formulas for their babies:

  • The organic milk in the mixture (cow’s, goat’s milk) is the highest quality product and provides your baby with all the necessary vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Also contains natural calcium from organic milk and calcium carbonate from natural mineral sources, which is important for bone formation
  • Organic formulas are divided into stages and each level corresponds to the age and needs of the child. Because at each stage of development, your baby requires a certain amount of micronutrients. For example, a six-month-old baby requires much more iron than a newborn
  • These formulas never include sucrose, corn syrup, or synthetic ingredients
  • These formulas contain plenty of useful micronutrients. These are probiotics and prebiotics, natural polyunsaturated fatty acids (ARA/DNA, Omega-3 and Omega-6), significant for brain development and vision

Hipp formula stage 2, Hipp Dutch stage 1 ensures the highest quality product for your baby. It contains an age-appropriate amount of high-quality, easily digestible protein that is derived entirely from organic milk. These formulas can be used when there is insufficient or no breast milk, and are particularly well-matched with breast milk when mixed feeding is required.

The healthy development of a baby depends on many factors. Proper nutrition is still the highest priority in this regard. Supplementing breastfeeding with the right formula ensures the right balance of nutritional values for your baby and helps him grow well.

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