Thanks to the upsets in 2020, the battle lines have never been more evident. 84% of consumers today believe that customer service is one of the critical factors when deciding to buy or not. 95% of consumers cite excellent service as essential for continued brand loyalty.

Customer support has moved from the realm of “necessary expense” to that of essential business tools. In this article, we take things a step further and explain why solid customer support is your best business asset.

Why Customer Support is Your Greatest Asset

In 2017, Gartner found that two-thirds of businesses competes solely on customer experience. Consumers today value companies that appreciate them and that demonstrate this by providing outstanding support.

Clients Will Spend More With Companies That Provide a Great Service Experience

Modern consumers may value experience over cost-savings, making it difficult to compete on price alone. Clients are not only willing to buy more from a company that provides a stellar CX; they’re also less price-sensitive. Providing excellent service increases the client’s overall value to your company.

Impeccable Support Improves Your Brand Image

Answering calls and queries in a timely, efficient manner reflects well on the company. Clients understand that if an issue arises, they can resolve it with minimal fuss.

It’s also worth noting that clients judge your level of support against that which they experience elsewhere. You compete with your direct competitors with prices and products. With service, however, your company competes with any firms with which the client deals.

Support Lowers the Cost of Client Acquisition

According to Hubspot research, six out of ten marketers agree that it’s become more expensive to acquire new clients over the last few years. Provide existing customers with impeccable service, and you may cut acquisition costs significantly.

Excellent service turns clients into net promoters that spread the word about the company. Instead of firms seeking out new clients, new customers seek them out.

Improves Customer Success

Customer success centers on how your product or service helps clients meet their goals. A reliable customer support team ensures that clients understand the product thoroughly.

The better able customers are to use the product, the more they’ll use it. The product becomes indispensable, and the client’s perception of its value increases.

They’ll not only become loyal clients; they’ll actively encourage others to sign up.

Outstanding Support Lowers the Churn Rate

Clients understand that something will go wrong occasionally. Most are willing to work with the company as long as the issue is resolved efficiently. A strong support structure ensures that:

  • Clients have a central contact point
  • The client may communicate via the channel that suits them best
  • All communications are dealt with quickly and efficiently
  • Customers do not have to repeat their query to several consultants
  • Consultants actively listen to the client
  • Team members have strong problem-solving skills and present the correct solutions
  • Consultants follow up on promises that they make

These all seem like simple, common-sense actions, but together they create the efficient experience the client craves. With top-notch support, frustrating issues are resolved before they become dealbreakers for the customer. Your churn rate drops naturally.

Outstanding Service Increases Sales

Clients are more likely to take the advice of friendly, efficient consultants. Quickly resolving issues proves to clients that your team knows what they’re doing. They’re, therefore, more likely to listen if the agent recommends an upgrade or additional product.

Aftersales Service is as Important as Winning the Client Over

During the sales process, your team sets out to wow the customer. They sign up because of the personal attention and fantastic experience. If firms don’t carry that support over after the sale, the client is bound to feel disappointed. 

In contrast, when firms aim to win the client over with each interaction, the client feels highly valued. They’ll want to contribute to your firm’s success by remaining loyal and spreading the word.

Final Notes

A solid support team will allow you to take your business to new heights. It provides you with a competitive advantage, reduces acquisition costs and churn, and increases sales.

Support is no longer an unnecessary expense; it’s an integral part of the sales process.

Is your firm taking full advantage of this opportunity to beat out the competition?


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