The world is changing. And whether you’re a business owner or just one person, you should change with it. We’ve become more efficient with communication, allowing us to connect with virtually anyone for as long as we have the right tool to help us.

And helping us with moving forward is Telnum, a virtual number service provider leading in providing us with virtual numbers and a variety of business solutions to help us with reaching out to more people.

But is the switch, or at least the addition of this asset to our growing toolbox of must-have technologies, worth it? From the experience of those who are accessing this technology, it is!

An intro on virtual numbers

Check your phone for the last number you called. Unless you’re aware of where that person got the number, you won’t know for sure that it’s a virtual number.

Right now, it’s practically impossible to tell the difference. That’s why it’s been so effective. Its only difference from a regular number is you get it online, not from your usual phone service provider.

And just like with the newer version of most things, this also comes with benefits that its older counterpart doesn’t have.

Personal benefits to getting one

Most of the time, discussion on virtual phone numbers focuses on the business side. But there are actually a lot of advantages to getting one of your own. You can:

1. Get a number with a particular area code

Get a number with a particular area code

If you’re moving to another country (for example UK virtual number), it may take a while before you can get a local phone number from your provider.

So In the interim, you can use a virtual one so you can continue communicating with people that prefer phone calls. This will help you with searching for a job, renting out an apartment, and with every other transaction where a number is required.

And if you prefer, you can even use it permanently.

2. Avoid long-distance charges

Even if you’re just on a long vacation, this can also come useful. Connecting with people from your hometown doesn’t have to be a problem at all.

Plus, it wouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg to do so.

3. Maintain privacy

If you want to keep your personal number for just your innermost circle, this can be the number you give out to acquaintances or colleagues so you keep your personal life separate.

By having this, you’re also protecting yourself from potential scams. Assuming that you link your personal accounts like email and bank account to your personal number, giving out this extra number won’t expose you to potential security breaches.

  1.  Maintain two numbers with one phone

You don’t have to spend precious cash on another phone just to enjoy the advantages mentioned above.

Instead, your service provider can forward the calls to the device of your choice to use it.

Business benefits to getting one

With this weapon in your arsenal, you will be able to:

1. Establish your presence locally

Even if you’re halfway around the globe, you can make it seem that you’re in a certain area as long as there’s a number in the area you want that’s available.

Doing this is very useful when you want to reach a particular geographical audience, especially if they’re more inclined to purchase from a local enterprise. By making it look like you’re one of them, the chances that they will go with you increase.

This also gives potential customers a sense of security. If you make the enterprise seem accessible, they’ll feel more comfortable with making a purchase.

2. Enjoy flexibility

This is especially important if your employees are all around the world. Because this number isn’t linked to one phone, your team can be anywhere and still be able to answer calls.

You can also make yourself more reachable by connecting your number to multiple devices so you never have to worry about missing something important.

3. Track results

Track results

With a regular number, you won’t be able to collect information that can potentially help you with improving business productivity.

For example, you noticed that agents that spend less time on calls can close more leads. You can check their calls to find out what they’re doing right and make changes based on that.

4. Look professional

At some point, one person won’t be enough to man the phone. But even with a growing customer support team, you can have just one number connected to multiple agents.

So how does this make you look professional? Reliability is very important in the corporate world. Having a team attend to your customer’s needs is a surefire way to establish your enterprise as a serious player in your industry.

Whether for business or personal use, virtual numbers will always be useful. So if you don’t want to miss out on these benefits, consider getting one. They’re more than this shiny new thing. They’re a system disruptor that may just change how we communicate with the world.


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