Life is unpredictable and people often forget how easily they get some pretty basic things in life including food, water, and shelter. In between the contemporary sedentary lifestyles, people mostly take these basic things for granted. People realize the value of these things only when they face an unwelcoming situation where the comforts of life are unexpectedly gone and you have to prepare yourself to get out of the dire condition.

This kind of unexpected situation can take place in various ways, where you can lose your way in the wilderness and are unable to find help on the spot. To help you getting prepped up for such a situation, here is a list of a few tips that you must follow during a wilderness survival situation:

Scouting and Gathering Water

When it comes to getting out of a condition where your survival is put on the question, water tends to be the most important factor. As per science, a typical human body can last up to weeks without food, but not more than three days without the consumption of water. Hence, the first thing that you need to do after getting stuck in a jungle is to constantly look for water or else your basic body function abilities will be affected negatively. There are many ways to find a water source and gather it, but you must know how safe it is for drinking. You can utilize a foliage bag and collect water from the condensation of fresh vegetation.

Make a Paper Cup
Make a Paper Cup

This is an extremely important art to learn since you cannot expect to waste any opportunity to gather water. Although paper cups make a great container for drinking water a couple of times, it is recommended to not store anything hot in it. Moreover, paper cups come in handy for storing foraged fruit that you can have on the go while searching for a way out in the wilderness. For this, you will need fresh magazine papers or paper of similar quality. For example, during your visit to a wildlife park like Tadoba national park, you can collect them from Tadoba national park resorts before leaving for sightseeing.

Think of Utility Wear

Prior to visiting a place where there are chances of facing a wilderness situation such as a jungle safari, it is always a great idea to carry utility wear. Adorning a pair of tights made of nylon underneath your trousers will not only come in handy in keeping your body warm, but you can also use them as an alternative to the water filter and fishing net.

Look for Add-ons While Searching for Ration

One of the most important things that you should ensure in a wilderness condition is to keep your body hydrated by any means. Not always you will get a reliable water source, and that is why you must look for other sources. For instance, sucking a pebble that is smooth in nature will release saliva in your mouth and give you a bit time for scouting water and food. Similarly, consume edible plants that you have prior knowledge of; until you find a reliable food source.


Finally, you must remember that these are just a few basic tips to survive in a wilderness situation. Following these tips will ensure that you get out of the situation safely.


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