Canada is one of the most beautiful country in the world. Canada has a lot of outdoor amusing and adventures for visitors who prefer to visit in the month of December to February or in some places till April. It is such a beautiful place that you will not feel like staying inside even when it is snowing hard and you find 6 to 8 inches of snow outside. You cannot miss winter activities and outings when you are in Canada. But the only thing that you need to keep in mind while visiting this country i.e. you need to have all your documents in place like passport, visa etc. can help you with documentation and mainly visa application.

Here are 10 winter activities you must do when you are in Canada.

1. Snowshoeing:

This is a low impact activity that you should try once. History, lesson and adventure all in one place. This is one of the cheapest activities available in Canada and easy to pick up.

2. Snowboarding and Skiing:

Though these two are totally different in comparison to the experiences you should give it a try when you are here in Canada.

3. Ice Skating:

You are in a land of snow and ice skating is the most popular thing to try over here. You can even find people who would say that they learned how to ice skate even before they learned how to walk. Making sure you have skates that fit right is important, so be sure to learn more about how to find the skates that are best for your feet.

4. Ice Fishing:

Though this is not something you would have thought of once upon a time in Canada this was the only source of survival. So you can give it a thought.

5. Bunjee Jumping in winter:

This is one of the best adventure games you should try. Jumping off the bridge above the glacial is thrilling. This bunjee jumping is down to a 50mtr drop. This is open all year the round. So whenever you visit this is a must try.

6. Sunrise Festival Inuvik:

This is a place which is 200 km north of Artic circle. Here you can see the sun fall at a stretch of 30 days. This happens in the month of December every year. Returning of the sun or rising of the sun after 30 days is a moment of celebration. Missing this moment is absolutely unacceptable.

7. Icewalk – Maligne Canyon:

This is located in the Jasper National Park in Canada. You love icewalking then this experience is a must when you are in Canada. Maligne Canyon came out of Pallisar formation which is 50 metres deep. It has amazing ice sculptures, Underground stream outlet, fossils and ice caves you can see whenever you are taking an icewalk over this. This activity will give you a thrill and happiness at the same time.

8. Hotel De Glace:

This is the only hotel in Quebec City know as an ice hotel. First opened in 2001. This is one of the magical moments to experience when visitors decide to spend a night over here. This is one of a lifetime experience that you should not miss. It has ice sculptures and huge snow vaults inside it which makes this ice hotel one of its kind.

9. Skidooing:

Canada’s wilderness is something to watch for and ski-dooing is the best activity to explore it. Skidooing is also known as snowmobiling. This is a fast, furious and fun activity you should try in Canada. This is not cheap, an activity bit expensive but you will never regret the feeling and experience that you will have from this. Skidoo rentals are available from shops those who have special equipment for skidooing or ski resorts.

10. Cross country skiing:

You must have tried Skiing, and you know how beautiful the experience can be. Similarly, something new Canada has to offer is Cross Country Skiing. This is a human-powered skiing experience across the country. This gives an amazing feeling when you cross through beautiful trails of frozen forest and frozen rivers. Even you can try a combination of dog sledding and cross country skiing if you have a dog and treat your dog as a friend.

Sounds interesting right! Try this! These are 10 out of such many activities available in Canada.


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