How Can You Survive the Winter Days with Powerful Wood Heaters?


It is true that many people shun the wood heaters because they believe that these kinds of heaters actually spread pollution to a large extent, but it is not very true, as nowadays, the vent and smoke-free wood heaters have also become quite popular with people:

  • There are different types of castings like the Vermont castings, which have the provision for open doors like that of a fireplace. Unlike the modern wood heaters where the fire hazards and the smoke problems were many, in these modern wood heaters, you will have ample warmth circulated inside your home and kitchen, yet not compromising on the health of you or those around your surroundings. If you are planning to install one in your home, get professionals to do the job. It will be safer than doing it yourself as there are safety measures that needed to be triple checked. You will also get a clearer idea of the cost of installing a wood burning stove with contractors.
  • There are many people who consider installing a pellet stove to get the best heat during winter, as these are more efficient, they offer a clean burning without developing soot or grime on the walls, and the they also have provisions for automatic pellet feeds, they can be controlled with a thermostat and they have a lowered and a simpler process of exhaustion.
  • Some wood heaters that are more modernized come with moving parts, electronic built-ins and igniters which can work for years, thus giving one the ultimate value for money. Pellets and spare parts for pellet wood heaters are also available now in the online shops, and many branded companies are also experimenting with the types and mechanisms of wood heaters that can give maximum heat to the surrounding.
wood heaters types

The wood heaters can be made of different materials so you must choose accordingly:

When you buy wood heaters from companies, or when you even customize the design of the heaters, you will get them in different molds, shapes, sizes and designs, but you have to keep in mind the exact purpose and the cost of the heater that you have in your mind. Apart from this, you must keep in mind certain tips which you must follow while you burn wood heaters:

  • You should not burn synthetic wood in any way: it is suggested by the doctors that you must not use painted or glossy wood, plywood and rusted and varnished wood to be put inside the wood hearers for burning, as this causes serious damage to your lungs, and also pollutes the environment.
  • When you use firewood, you should split them: when you decide to put firewood inside the wood heaters, then you should split them. This creates enough surface area for the wood to dry up, so that there is no moisture hidden inside the wood pores. You can also stack the wood loosely to provide better air circulation.
  • You must burn firewood that is seasoned: in wood heaters, it is always suggested that you must burn firewood that are seasoned. Cracks at the end of the wood mean that the wood is ready for burning, and you can use it inside the room temperature to burn the wood and spread heat inside the rooms. Dry woods give a more ‘cracking’ sound, while seasoned wood emits a kind of low-impact ‘thud’, while you put these woods inside the wood heaters.
  • It is always advised to store only a small amount of wood in your home: it is always good if you store bulk wood outside, with keeping the sides of the wood exposed to dry naturally. Do not stack many woods inside your home, as this might prove to be counterproductive, and this may not burn well when you actually put these into the wood heaters.

There are many ways in which you can maximize the use of wood heaters. For better results, you can also split wood into pieces and cover them on top, when you store the woods outside.


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