A woman was found guilty for the murder of her stepfather after she discovered nude photos

woman was found guilty for the murder of her stepfather

On Wednesday, a California interior designer was sentenced to first-degree murder after prosecutors demonstrated that she had taken the life of her stepfather in response to discovering explicit images of herself on his computer.

When the San Diego County jury delivered its verdict against Jade Sasha Janks on Thursday, there was an obvious shock of disbelief that radiated through her wide open eyes and immobility of her body as she turned to look at her attorney. The Washington Post reported this anticipation-filled moment in detail.

Janks, after being released on bail, was promptly apprehended and now stands trial for the heinous murder of 64-year-old Thomas Merriman. If convicted, Janks will face between 25 years and life in prison as a sentence.

Deputy Attorney General Jorge del Portillo expressed his gratitude to the jurors for their decision.

During the press conference, he declared that the jury members have been incredibly patient, generous, and considerate during this entire trial. He added they are thrilled to be able to provide justice for Tom and his relatives.

On December 31, 2020, Janks uncovered photographs on Merriman’s computer and subsequently administered a sedative. Prosecutors alleged that after the drug had taken effect, Janks strangled him with a plastic bag – killing Merriman in the process.

Janks’ defense argued that Merriman’s death was due to a poor state of health and prolonged intake of drugs. Ultimately, the coroner declared an overdose on prescription sleeping pills as the cause of death for Merriman..

Mark Carlos, the defendant’s attorney, expressed that he was exploring all legal avenues for an appeal. Despite a jury verdict of guilt on charges less severe than manslaughter and could have allowed the sentencing judge to evaluate any extenuating factors; these were rejected.

On April 3rd, Janks will be standing trial where she is facing a potential sentence of 25 years to life.

Believing that she is innocent of the crime, Jade has stood by her position since the beginning and will take her case to trial, Carlos told NBC News on Thursday.