Video… A young American rapper accidentally ends his life during a live broadcast

American rapper Raleigh Freeman accidentally ended his life when he pointed a gun at his head during a live broadcast on social media, and a bullet came out of him, causing his death.

The 17-year-old singer appeared in a video clip, displaying a pistol with a laser scope to his followers. He then grabbed the handle, disengaged the safety, pointed the firearm at his head, and pulled the trigger. A gunshot accidentally discharged.

Hancho’s followers were shocked by his sudden disappearance during the live video. The phone slipped from his hand and fell to the ground just after he opened fire.

He was transferred to a hospital in Virginia, where he spent two days in intensive care before his death was announced.

Official investigations reported that the young singer, Raleigh Freeman, succumbed to his injuries after being shot in the head.

Following the announcement of the death, a donation fund was established for Hancho’s mother, who lost her only son. Meanwhile, family members expressed their ongoing struggle to comprehend why he chose to pull the trigger.

Hancho, born in Virginia, quickly rose to success, amassing around 30,000 Instagram followers at a young age. Notably, some of his songs are marked by themes of violence.

Notably, the late singer shared a video clip on his TikTok account last March, displaying a gun that seems to be the same one he used in his tragic death.


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