12 year girl arrested for what she brought to school

12 year girl arrested for what she brought to school

Law enforcement in the US state of Florida apprehended a pre-teen student after she was found to be holding an operational firearm on school grounds.

Fox 35 TV reported that a student at Greenwood Lakes Preparatory School in Seminole County, Florida had come to school armed with an “operational firearm”.

After the police were alerted that a female student at the school may be in possession of a gun, they arrived immediately to find the principal searching through her backpack. To their surprise and shock, he extracted an actual Glock 48 pistol!.

The young woman was taken into custody on charges of unlawfully procuring a gun while under the age of eighteen.

The school shared a statement claiming it “collaborates with law enforcement authorities in incidents such as this,” which has allowed them to continually update their protocols and policies for the safety of their students. They firmly believe that by working with local law enforcement, they can ensure the best practices are put into place for optimal security measures within schools.

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