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192-168.-1-2 ip address about

Every user of computer network of any scale nowadays gets an interest to gain knowledge of Internet Protocol (IP) address of the main resources in their network. They understand the importance of learning features and functions of routers, modems and other resources associated with their computer network. It is the right time to focus on the Home Network IP Address  The most successful home broadband routers as well as access points have this IP address by default. This is because manufactures of these resources set this IP address while manufacturing these resources.

How IP address works

A router with the default IP address on the local computer network can be connected to the network when you log into the console of your router at first. You can carry out this process by pointing your Internet Browser to the IP address as follows.


Many manufacturers of routers like Senao and Phillips set this IP address as default IP address of the router manufactured by their companies. Home network access points and routers nowadays set to use the Internet Protocol address Bear in mind that only one resource in your computer network has the IP address when you wish to keep away from IP address conflicts and its associated problems.

As a private IPv4 network address at this time, has very good recognition worldwide among users of the home network. Users of any resource in the local computer network cannot connect to their router with the IP address from outside the home network.


Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) assigns Internet Protocol addresses to every organization and home network.  Typical home network IP addresses start with 192.168.  The most common IP addresses of routers in the home network are and  Internet Service Provider (ISP) knows username, password and IP address of your home broadband router when your ISP has installed your router.

All resources on a home network of any size have the most distinctive IP addresses. These IP addresses are used to access and communicate with resources on a home network. There are four sets of numbers in the IP address. These numbers start from 0 to 255. These numbers are separated by a decimal. For example, home network IP address for a router is

Private IP addresses

Each IP address contains 8 bits and known as an octet. The number of possible combinations of these IP addresses starts from 0 and ends in 255 is 256. IANA assigns IP addresses in bulk to your ISP. Your ISP assigns IP addresses dynamically for resources on your home network.  This is advisable to get permanent IP address when you wish to connect with high speed Internet on a regular basis.  There are three categories of IP addresses reserved by IANA for private purpose.  These categories are as follows.

  • 0.0.1 to
  • 16.0.1 to
  • 168.0.1 to

The abovementioned three categories of IP addresses not at all routed over the Internet. This is because these Internet Protocol addresses are reserved for private home network usage. You can make use of these IP addresses on your home network as per your requirements. However, you have to assign one IP address to one resource on your home network. You may think that what happen when you assign more than one resources have the same IP address on your home network. You have to understand and remember that IP address conflicts take place as a result of an assignment of one IP address to more than one resource on a home network.

Make an informed decision 

If you are a beginner to home network IP addresses especially, then you have to gain knowledge of how you use these IP address wisely.  There is no need to get any difficulty while assigning an IP address to every resource on your home network. You can keep the first three groups of private IP addresses unchanged and change the last group of the IP address.  Now, you can assign the IP address for every resource available on your home network as per your requirements.

Some resources such as a router have the default IP address. For example, many brands of routers in our time have the IP address  You can assign the IP address for all resources on a home network by keeping the first three groups constant and change the last group from 1 to 254.  You will get an overview of this idea when you focus on the following example.

  • 168.1.1
  • 168.1.2
  • 168.1.3
  • 168.1.4
  • 168.1.5

You have to use the IP address and login into the router’s administrative console directly. You can enter the default username and password of your router and access the administrative settings of your router directly. Moreover, anyone can find ips easily by using text what is my ip on google.

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