When you live in a rural area, it’s hard to look for a fast and reliable internet connection even if you pay a huge amount of money. Some providers are just there for your money but don’t really care about the service they give you. 

The thing is nowadays, the internet has become a necessity for most of us. You will probably even have a hard time looking for a household without any internet connection. Especially during this pandemic, we were all advised to stay at home. Online learning and work at home setups require a good internet connection for it to be effective.

We did a lot of research about the leading satellite internet providers and we can’t wait to tell you who topped our list. But before anything else, let’s talk about how it works.

How does Satellite Internet work?

For a satellite internet to work, we need 3 things: a modem, a satellite dish, and a geostationary orbiting satellite or a satellite in space.

Case scenario, you clicked a site (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) now your computer sends a request to your modem then through your satellite dish. Your satellite dish then sends it all the way up to the orbiting satellite which forwards it to your provider.

Your provider will send back the signal to the satellite and it will go through the same steps until it receives your computer. It travels thousands of miles which makes the delay, or what they call latency, significant at times.

Now that we know how it works, let’s talk about speed.

How fast is Satellite Internet?

Satellite internet is your best choice when you don’t have any access to fiber and cable internet. It may be not as fast but it’s pretty decent. Although some providers offer unlimited internet, it comes with data caps. When you reach your data limit, this may affect your internet speed.

What is the best satellite internet provider?

Without a single doubt, we recommend you trust HughesNet to provide you a fast, reliable, and secured internet connection. Aside from the fact that they have wider coverage, they also offer a higher data allowance. Their price ranges from $59.99-$129.99 monthly with no hard data limits. It also offers a faster download speed than its competitors.

They provide you a 50GB worth of free data per month. They also have this thing called “Bonus Zone Data” from 2 am-8 amwhere you can use to download any large files and movies using the free 50GB with full-speed data. The free data renews automatically every month.

How do I know what internet providers are in my area?

With the use of sites like Internet Near Me, you’ll save yourself the hassle of browsing from one site to another. You will just have to input your zip code and it will automatically show all the available internet providers in your area showing their price ranges, contact numbers, and reviews.

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Should I pick satellite internet over other internet connections?

It depends on your usage, how much people are going to use it, how are you going to use it, and your location. Satellite internet is not ideal for a household with more than 5 people who are into hardcore gaming and watching HD movies. 

This type of internet is the best choice for people who can’t get a proper satellite signal or don’t have any other options than dial-up or slower DSL connections. Other than that, you may want to opt for a cable or fiber optic.

Having the best internet subscription in your own homes paired up with a TV network subscriptions like DISH Latino, you will surely have a lovely time with your family wherever you are.  Just remember that it is important to do a little research on your own before you start any subscription so you can avoid wasted money and stress. We’d love to hear what you think in the comments below!

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