Emergency Satellite phones have been on earth for around two decades or more, but yet in these days, a lot of people don’t absolutely why to get it or how to use it.

There are several myths out there – that they are only for the very rich, the government, or global adventurers. But this isn’t true. You can get it easily.

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However, in this article, I have briefly described 5 major reasons that you should get an emergency satellite phone. So let’s dive into deep:-

1.   Immune to Natural Disasters

Satellite phones don’t require traditional physical network towers. For this, they don’t get affected by natural disasters. Instead, they depend upon satellite signals.

Whereas natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes can damage the cell phone towers and landlines that are required for regular cell phone communication, but that suspicion of trouble doesn’t exist for satellite phones.

Therefore, rescue battalions and other emergency forces generally use satellite phones so that they can communicate with other team members and officials.

2.   Single Phone Number

People who prefer to travel oftentimes to abroad, frequently need to use new sim every time. They need to buy a new sim in each country. Therefore, they have to share again and again the new numbers to others.

Otherwise, they remain inaccessible to the people at home. Anyway, satellite phones are free from that trouble. And makes it easy by allowing hold a similar number.

3.   Satellite Phones Work Where Land Communication Networks Fails

A natural disaster can result in a failure of the land-based mobile networks in whatever area you are in. Traditional VOIP structure normally works through cable or fiber optic cable Internet networks that can fail during an emergency catastrophic situation.

In this case, you can still communicate through the emergency satellite phone. If your mobile network signal fails in any situation, then don’t worry, there is a satellite phone that works in every situation.

4.   Rugged Satellite Phone Options

If you buy a satellite phone for emergency catastrophe communications, you can get one that has been ruggedized for military and industrial usage. Some satellite phones are manufactured to MIL-STD-810 criteria as well as having an IP65 water and dust ingredients resistance rating.

This rating indicates the component is sealed against dust and can withstand streaming water splash hitting the phone from any orientation. The stability of these satellite phones can survive much more than your standard smartphone could.

5.   Global Operation

Many satellite phone organizations offer phones which will work everywhere in the world.

That says that you can get satellite signals to conduct a call or receive and sent a text whether you are surviving on Ross Island in Antarctica or at the end of the Chukchi Sea in Barrow, Alaska. You will get signals to generate a call in Washington or sailing on the Pacific Ocean on the other side of the earth.

When you buy a satellite phone, ensure it can function in the areas of the planet where you want or need to travel because all the companies don’t offer entire global satellite phone service.

One more thing to be aware of that there are some places where satellite phones are unlawful or under limitations such as Russia, Cuba, Burma, China, India, and North Korea.

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Last Words

Technology is improving every day. Though we may not feel the difference instantly it is changing. As a part of this modern world, this is time we need to consider the Emergency Satellite Phone now.

Hope you have learned about the mighty system. If you have further inquiry then you can leave a comment.

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