As times have changed use of technology has increased rapidly, Gone are the days when you had to sit by the television set to listen to favorite songs or to see your favorite artist perform. Now things have evolved and the traditional media has transitioned into a big online library just a click away for easy access as the Internet became more commercialized and fast with time.

1- Limitations of the Youtube app.

Youtube is one of the prime examples of this phenomenon that has made our life easier with access to a huge collection of content that can be streamed anywhere and everywhere with just a click and can be enjoyed. But it also has its limitations, I will only state the most obvious ones here and will provide you the solution to these problems to make your life a little bit easier.

First of all, there are a lot of ads these days on Youtube obviously because that is the main source of income for the platform and for its creators which keeps most of the content available for free on Youtube for us users, but honestly speaking it is kind of annoying and makes us frustrated as we have to skip an ad every time we watch a video and what about background App running huh! Your music stops every time you open any other app or try to multi-task. Well, there is a solution ‘YouTube Vanced’ which solves all your issues with running Youtube as a daily driver for musical needs.

2- Getting rid of the Youtube ads.

It is a modded version of Youtube which comes fully loaded with all kinds of extra features that you need to gain more control over your experience as a user. As it blocks all the ads and saves you from that annoying skip ad button that you always have to click to consume your content and that’s only one of its many features that you might enjoy.

3- Background Compatibility.

It’s also very capable of running in the background so that your music keeps on playing while you do other things that are important in your life but needs a touch of music and its light on your data plan as well because it only keeps the audio running which can save you a lot of money.

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4- Being able to download content for offline use.

This app makes it possible to even download mp3 and mp4 files of your favorite music videos for later offline consumption and not only that it also covers your multi-tasking needs as it also supports picture in picture mode so you can run other apps while still watching your favorite music videos. You can also login into your account via this app so it can remember your preferred type of musical content that you like to consume just like Youtube does and keeps the recommended feed up to date so you can explore new content that you might like.

 In short, it is a great app to get rid of all the limitations that you face on Youtube and is well recommended for music heads.