5 Advantages of Adding a Second Story to a House

Homeowners are always looking for the best home improvements to make to increase their home’s value. One of those improvements is adding a second storey to their existing one-storey house, as they understand this is a major undertaking. The truth is that if your house is fairly small, adding a second storey can be a great way to increase the square footage of your home without needing more land. The construction experts at Crown Construction discuss five advantages of adding a second storey to a house.

More Living Space

This is clearly the number one advantage of adding a second storey to your house. After all, as your family grows, you’ll notice that your living space becomes quite crowded. You may want to move bedrooms upstairs or create a master suite that takes up the entire second floor while keeping your kids’ bedrooms on the main level. You could add a game room, a kids’ playroom, a music studio, a large office, or any other type of space you want, which is always fun to plan.

No Additional Land Required

Whether you already have a small yard and don’t want to take up more space, or you simply don’t want to lose any part of your land to an addition, a second storey solves the problem. Since you’re building upward instead of outward, you don’t need to worry about any more of your land getting swallowed up by a structure. You will still have the same amount of space outside for your children to play in, to garden in, or to do pretty much whatever you desire.

An Elevated View

Building a second floor comes with the advantage of elevation, so if you’re tired of looking into your neighbor’s house or backyard, you’ll love the view you get from your second-storey addition. This is particularly helpful if you live in a scenic location and want a more unobstructed view of the landscape. In fact, because you’re building the addition from scratch, you can add a whole wall of windows that allow you to look out over your neighborhood and beyond.

Increased Home Value

Here it is: the advantage you’re looking for. Yes, adding a second-storey addition to your home increases your home’s value. Experts estimate that you can recoup as much as 65% of your building costs related to the addition when you sell your home. This is an incredible return on investment for a home improvement project. After all, the more square footage you have, the higher price you can ask for.

Cheaper than Moving

In today’s real estate market, it’s less expensive to add a second-storey to your home than it is to sell your small home and upgrade to a larger one. If you need more space quickly, moving might be the answer, but if you can wait a little bit, building a second storey makes complete financial sense.


There are few drawbacks to adding a second storey to your home, but it can be a challenging task to undertake yourself. If you decide that a second-storey addition is the right choice for you, consult with professionals to determine the best way to go about building it.

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