Looking for a gift for your college classmate? The following are some ideas of a cool and useful gift that students will most definitely appreciate.

1. Kindle

A Kindle is something that every student can use. One of the biggest benefits of Kindle for students is that you can take one small eBook instead of a dozen big paper ones.  The size is perfect to use, it is very lightweight and you can even read it in the dark. Another attracting feature is one can set the fonts size based on their requirements. The best thing is that your classmate doesn’t have to charge it for a long time because it has a good battery backup.

Having Kindle is an effective way to save physical space. It can store thousands of books which is actually impossible with real books. Kindle is easy on your eyes, unlike phones or tablets. The Paperwhite is specifically designed to avoid glare even in the sunlight. Kindle is the perfect travel companion anywhere your classmate goes. It has been observed that Kindle books are cheaper than the paper ones, which is also beneficial for a student.

2. Essay Writer Online

Your classmate can be in stress because of tons of homework. Therefore, you can buy college essays online as a gift to handle the tension. The main reason to use such a service is to help busy students with the workload of assignments. Essay services online are the best solution for managing time.

Your classmate can get a thoroughly researched content so that he can have a solid essay. Beware that such services often don’t write essays for you – they conduct a research to base your essay upon. Still it saves a lot of time and effort and can be a great present for a busy college student.

3. Amazon Echo Dot

This can be a useful gift to your college classmate because it can be used in so many ways. Your classmate can use Alexa to do a lot such as making a call on the go and even blocking the unwanted incoming calls. The device is best in controlling the lights, door locks and other home devices. The Amazon echo can also be useful during cooking times as people can just ask “how many teaspoons in the cup” and other similar questions. 

Amazon echo can let your classmate know the latest news in the world. It is also a good source of entertainment because it can play the music of your choice. The controlling of the TV can also be possible entirely on voice by echo dot. So, your classmate will enjoy this multi-utility gift for sure.

4. Fitness Tracker

When it comes to staying fit, health tracking is crucial and hence fitness tracker can be an effective gift choice for your classmate to stay healthy. Fitness trackers act as the wellness device for measuring the important metrics of health and safety. They are available in different shapes, colours and functionality. There are varieties of fitness trackers available so that you can choose the right one according to your requirements. For an example, you can choose the fitness band with GPS for measuring your running distance.

5. Automatic Coffee Maker

Coffee acts as the stress buster and thus can be a useful gift to your college classmate. It can be very handy during the exam days. Your classmate can prepare coffee according to their convenience without any effort. The best thing is it is easy and efficient to use as well as available at an affordable price. It also improves the productivity of students. One of the biggest benefits of coffee maker is it provides fresh coffee whenever anyone wants. The coffee maker is easy to clean so that there is less mess for the entire process. These were some of the best ideas for a gift for your classmate as these gifts are not only attractive but also useful in their daily life.

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