Impact driver is basically a manual tool that provides an unanticipated and powerful rotational force and advancing push if it is hit to the back of a hammer. It is mostly used by mechanics in order to loosen the hard and big nuts, bolts and screws. However, impact driver is a power tool that is quite a multi-tasking device like a handheld drill, that makes holes in different materials like wood, steel, concrete, plastics and metals that are non-ferrous. It is simply called a drill or a driver. Surely, it is backed up with a battery and equipped with a handle in it to hold.

Uses of Impact Driver

Generally, the carpenters who are very much adept at their work, always need a qualitative impact driver. Selecting one of the best impact drivers can be a difficult task because one must be experienced to pick the one which completes the necessities of the work of carpenter. Therefore, having the knowledge of various versions and models of the best impact drivers is very much essential for a professional mechanic to meet his needs. We must check explore the different types of it before choosing the best tool.

5 Best Impact Drivers

1. Dewalt DCF887D2 Kit

There are many fine impact drivers but the best five impact drivers are very prominent and useful. One of them is Dewalt DCF887D2 Kit. It is one of the best impact drivers for current era, it has a great capability to do continuous tasks. Because, it neither overheats nor overload if it is used continuously. Additionally, it has an anti-hold that provides an assistance to handle it continuously. It is very much light-weighted as its approximate weight is 7.5lbs and has a compact design that are somehow attractive features. Moreover, brushless motor is used in this version and has three speed settings along with two 20V batteries, 3 led bulbs with the same battery. It has a maximum speed of 3250RPM that reduces human effort.

2. Bosch IDH182-02

The second best version of impact driver is Bosch IDH182-02. All the other specification are same as the above mentioned type except the weight, speed motor life, torque impact and number of batteries. It weighs 6.6lbs lighter than the above one, twice powerful battery life, torque impact of 1650 inch-lobes as well as double batteries.

3. Porter-cable PCCK647LB

Another quality-oriented type of impact driver is Porter-cable PCCK647LB, the unique feature of this version is, it deals to use on both steel and wood material, it also has a compact design, it has an anti-slip hold, works on 20V, and its weight is 2.9lbs and has maximum speed of 2700RPM. 

4. Makita XDT13Z 18V LXT

The fourth one is Makita XDT13Z 18V LXT, one of the mostly used models of impact drivers. It has some fair specifications like it has two working batteries and the both are very powerful batteries that run for   longer period if charged properly. The other battery is always like a backup one when one of the batteries remains low. It weighs 10lbs, a light weight. It has a maximum speed of 3400RPM that is worth-mentioning and has quality of rapid charging in it.

5. Milwaukee 2753-20 M18 Fuel ¼

The fifth one is named as Milwaukee 2753-20 M18 Fuel ¼, an impact driver is a lightweight one and a lithium ion battery is used in it. 2.6 pounds is its weight. As all other models have brushed whereas; this model is brushless. This model has a capability to consume less power and is very much ideal for all the jobs done through it. This type does not damage the surface where it is used that is an extra good quality of it. Milwaukee has become one of the most appreciated brand that is breaking all records in terms of reliability and its performance. It has incredible warranty of several years and has 3000 RPM AND 3700 maximum IPM. It has also a torque of 1800lbs but it has a reverse button that can stick and what is called one of its cons.

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Final verdict – My Recommendation

Unquestionably, finding the best impact driver is one of the most difficult tasks for carpenters. Because the brands want to mint money and economical but the best tool is the priority of an industrious person. Across the discussion, one must select the impact driver that must be powerful but before that a guidance is pre-requisite which one of the drivers is a strong one. There are a few of the things that should be kept under consideration, one of the things is you must know about the actual need that you are looking in an impact driver if someone only wants it for home building projects the one’s power needs are going to be quite different as compare to a professional person. For once, if you explore your ideas about your power need then you will easily come to evaluate the required power impact drivers. Therefore, one is supposed to have an extensive knowledge of one’s need as well as the best type of impact driver.