Hair transplants have long had a stigma of botched results, and you only need to go back 30 years to find some of the worst examples of hair restoration you will ever see. Thankfully, things have progressed a lot since the first transplants happened in the early 90s. Not only is the procedure much better, with higher quality results, but it’s also much more affordable to the average person. 

In this article, we’re going to focus on the hair transplant capital of the world, Turkey. Hundreds of thousands of us travel to Istanbul and surrounding areas each year in hopes of a new lease of life for our hair. But why is Turkey the most popular choice? Keep reading to find out.

Low Costs

This affordability of hair transplants is thanks to the clinics throughout Europe, offering them at a fraction of the costs we’re used to seeing in The USA. Forget about $10,000 or $20,000 price tags; we’re talking about cheap hair transplants starting from as little as $2,500 in Turkey.

The best part? This $2,500 price will include everything apart from your internal travel. We’re talking about your hotel room, a chauffeur from the airport and between appointments, the procedure itself, and everything in between. Once you have booked your plane tickets, the clinic takes care of the rest. So you save around 80% and get significantly more for your money by travelling to Turkey.

The Doctors

Some of the highest-quality hair transplant doctors in the world reside in Turkey. It’s not a case of paying less and receiving less of a service; in fact, you will probably get a surgeon that has carried out more procedures than any other in the USA. 

Because of the demand for transplants in Turkey, many surgeons opted to use the country as their base as it made the best business sense. This way, you benefit from low prices but very high-quality care. We’re not saying that there aren’t fantastic hair professionals in other parts of the world, but they are harder to find and significantly more expensive.

The Results

If you have been losing your hair for some time, it’s likely to have had a significant impact on your self-esteem and confidence. Hair is linked to beauty, and we all feel better when our air looks great, right? Having a hair transplant in Turkey means that you will have a new, fuller and natural hairline, likely better than what you had before the balding began. 

All other perks aside, the results are precisely why we opt to have the procedure in the first place. With the quality of the doctors and expertise in Turkey, the results are the best you will find anywhere else in the world.

The Sightseeing

Istanbul is magnificent and packed with a rich history and culture that you won’t find anywhere else. The city’s temperatures soar as high as 37c in the height of summer, so you can enjoy a break in the sun around having your procedure.

Many clinics in Turkey will offer a sightseeing package around Istanbul. It will be an optional extra and not something you necessarily have to pay for, but we strongly recommend exploring this historic city and its fantastic art if you have the time.

The Whole Experience

The hotels that hair restoration clinics use in Turkey are of the highest quality. You won’t be thrown in an Airbnb; in fact, you will be given a plush hotel room of 4 or 5-star quality. We’re talking about comfortable beds and a luxury environment, all part of the hair transplant experience. 

You will have time to rest the day before your transplant and free time the day after. Because you will have so much free time, it’s important to relax in comfort and style. You can do this with a hair transplant in Turkey, and you don’t get that level of service at home.