Browsing dresses online is a magnificent simple pleasure for women. If you cannot visit physical stores, online shopping is the best alternative. With more and more fashion businesses going online, updating your wardrobe has become a lot easier because you can purchase your desired clothing right from your home. But before you start shopping, knowing a few online shopping tips will ensure that you get the right fit for a reasonable price.

Buying dresses for women online offers several benefits. It will help you save not only time, but also money because some shops come with bargain options. Your favorite brands will also be at your fingertips.

However, you might encounter some challenges while buying clothing online, such as finding the right size, the correct type of fabric, or the ideal item color, or determining how to return products if needed.

To help ensure a fun, convenient and successful online shopping experience, here are the top five tips for purchasing dresses online.

1. Consider the occasion

Before anything else, you must consider the event you are buying the dress for.

  • For formal events with a specific dress code or a more ceremonial nature, such as a banquet or a charity, look for full-length dresses or ball gowns.
  • For informal occasions like a night in the opera and award ceremonies, knee-length cocktail dresses and full-length flowing gowns are great options.
  • For everyday gatherings, you can’t go wrong with maxi dresses, multi-purposes dresses, and knee-length dresses. Other great options include anything from form-fitting mini dresses to long and flowing gowns.

2. Keep your body shape in mind

Buying the proper dress for your body shape will flaunt your best features and cleverly conceal less flattering ones. With that said, here are tips for choosing dresses depending on what works best for the common body types:

  • Pear shape (wider hips but with smaller bust) — Women with this body shape should choose dresses that draw attention to the waist and have large sleeves to add some dimension to the upper body part.
  • Strawberry shape (slender hips and legs and broader shoulders and backs) — They must choose dresses with deep necklines and fuller or flared skirts. Avoid clothes that add bulk to the upper body part.
  • Rectangular shape (having few or no curves) — Women with this body shape should choose dresses that bare the shoulders and can be coupled with a belt to draw everyone’s attention to the bust line.
  • Apple shape (well-rounded with undefined waistline and slender legs) — Women with this body type must choose dresses that cover the waist area with sashes and belts. Other great options include those with low necklines.
  • Hourglass (the hips and shoulders are of the same width, and the waistline is slightly thinner) — Women with this body type can wear most styles of dresses with a natural flair. Using a wide belt or sash can accentuate the waist further.

3. Know your measurements

Once you know the occasion and your body type, it’s time to determine your body measurements. Keep a note of your hip, waist, and chest measurements as this will allow you to compare them with the online shop’s size chart.

The size chart indicates the correct size to order. Always consult it instead of using your normal size because some international stores have different measurements from what you are used to.

4. Check the fabric material

The fabric material will help you determine the texture, look, and fit of the clothing. It will also give you an idea of how the product will stretch, feel, and shrink when you use them.

Since you cannot physically touch the dress, you must research the fabric cited in the item description. You can’t have an idea of the product’s texture by just looking at the image. As such, it’s best to familiarize yourself with the different types of fabric and determine which makes you comfortable.

When choosing the best fabric, an excellent tip is to check your wardrobe and get the pieces you often wear. Now, make a list of the fabrics used in these clothing pieces and use this list as a reference when buying dresses online.

5. Read the return policies

Even when you do your shopping correctly, the dresses you buy might ultimately just not work for you. To ensure a shopping experience without problems, read the shop’s return policies. Reputable online fashion stores allow returns, but within a given timeframe.

Finding the perfect dress online may be challenging since you can’t try them on in person. But with the right shopping tips, you can buy dresses that will look great on you. Consider the occasion, identify your body shape, keep your measurements in mind, and read the product’s item descriptions and the shop’s return policies (along with other pertinent information) so you can purchase the most appropriate dresses for you.


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