Experts on health matters tell us that sitting for hours on end is killing us. They tell us that we have to take pressure off our backsides several times during the day, or else we could be shortening our lifespan. Prolonged sitting guarantees many health risks for heart disease, cancer and hernia.

The health benefits for ergonomic chairs are well documented. If you’re stressing because you’re not the boss and you don’t have a say about how long you spend sitting at your desk, you can at least have an ergonomic chair to sit on.

Of course there are things to consider then buying these chairs and they need to be lightweight, comfortable and height-adjustable – chairs which promote proper posture and excellent blood circulation.

We take a look at 5 different types of ergonomic chairs you may want to consider for your health –

Ergonomic Office Chairs

We’re all different weights and different heights so you can’t say one ergonomic chair will suit everyone. However there are some aspects that every ergonomic office chair should have. Every decent ergonomic office chair should come with a pneumatic adjustment lever to adjust the seat height so feet can be placed on the floor.

Certainly, you’ll want your seat width to be sufficient to support any body shape comfortably. Seventeen to 20 inches is the standard seat size. Many people suffer with back-pain and an ergonomic chair can certainly make life more pleasant for your backbone. That is why lower back support is so important.

Your chair should have lumbar support as well as lumbar adjustment because without this you slouch and this strains the lower spine. Other things to look out for are adjustable backrest, adjustable armrests and be a swivel chair.

Kneeling Chair

Whether you work at home or the office, computer work at a desk takes its toll. The height adjustable kneeling chair, also known as a medical chair, allows one to sit in the kneeling position which helps to maintain correct posture and alignment.

There is a knee-rest area to prevent you sliding off the sloped seat. Experts tell us that with this chair, the disc pressure in the lumbar region of the spine is reduced by up to 35%. This means the blood flow to the discs is greatly improved. You can find a list of the best kneeling chairs at Ergonomic Trends..

Ball Chair

Ball chairs or exercise balls shouldn’t ever replace a good ergonomic office chair, but they can be used for temporary sitting options to assist with core strengthening. They originally didn’t come with any back support, being an exercise ball, but now manufacturers have added features that belong to traditional office chairs.

Now you can take advantage of the benefits of an exercise posture ball, with its ‘strengthening of core muscles’ properties and also have features such as back support and easy-glide casters. Gaiam ball chair is arguably the most well known of the bunch.

Massage Chair

Massage is a physical therapy that strengthens the muscles and ligaments, relaxing the mind and body. When you choose a massage chair, the final decision on which massage chair is best should rest on the opinion of the user.

An important thing to check is the intensity of the massage. You’ll also want to check the type of massage because there are some chairs with a massage that is specific to a certain problem. Lie back with the adjustable back- and footrest and let these heavenly-feel chairs have different features but the massage features will improve blood circulation, improve your mood, be great for treating sprains and strains and also strengthen your muscles.

Stick Chair

Stick ChairLightweight and easy to carry, a stick chair simply snap into its assembled position. Ideal for watching sport, for camping or any outdoor event, these versatile stick chairs fold down to a mere 14 inches so it can fit easily into your bag.

Adjusting up to 4.0 inches, a locking cap can be loosened so that you can choose your preferred height. With a rubber cap, you can even safely use the stick chair on smooth flooring, allowing you to continue working at your desk but in a like-standing position.

Sitepack Zen is a kickstarter product that offers one of the slickest stick chairs I’ve seen.


If you work from home you owe it to yourself to invest in an ergonomic chair. Sitting in the same position for a long time puts excessive stress on your spine and any one of these ergonomic chairs have been designed to provide rest, comfort and relaxation for your body so that you’re making provision for a healthy future.