A top-notch security system can ease your anxiety when while you’re away from your business after hours. Most burglars target private residences, but businesses are still vulnerable to theft by employees and intruders.

The best way to stay protected is through a comprehensive alarm system with quality security cameras. Here are 5 factors to consider before choosing security cameras for your business. 

1. What’s the Purpose of Your Cameras?

Security cameras can be a theft deterrent when installed in high traffic areas. Box cameras are the most visible style of security cameras you can choose.

They are commonly seen outside of doors on commercial buildings letting visitors see that the property is being watched. This makes criminals think twice about entering the property.

Other cameras might be placed in more secret locations when you don’t want visitors or employees to know they’re being watched. Consider the purpose of your cameras before deciding on a design. 

2. Plan for the Environment

Do you want outdoor or indoor security cameras? In most cases, outdoor and indoor security cameras aren’t interchangeable.

You’ll need a separate type for internal areas and another version for outside. The outdoor security cameras you’ll choose should be resistant to the most severe weather common to your area.

3. What About Sound?

It’s not uncommon to need two-way communication with security cameras for business. Perhaps you want to get visitor information at a secure building before allowing them access.

Some cameras allow you to communicate with guests through the device to keep your entryways more secure. You can also settle customer employee conflicts using audio from security cameras at places like your cash register or customer service counter. 

4. Is the System Scalable?

Your security camera budget doesn’t need to be massive in order to get the protection you need. Choose a system that’s scalable so you can start small and gradually build onto your system.

Consider these great tips when deciding which cameras should be in your basic security package.  Systems that aren’t scalable require you to buy everything you need at once or risk not having the new cameras work with your old package.

This works fine if you’re replacing an existing security system and already know exactly the type of protection your business needs. 

5. How Large is the Coverage Area?

Consider how much image clarity you need from your security system. In a large coverage area, like a warehouse or retail store, you might need lots of detail to capture what’s happening.

The larger the room, the higher resolution image you’ll need. This could mean installing a variety of security camera types to get the most value in each space.  

Installing the Right Security Camera

Positions for cameras are easy to determine when you have a clear idea of the kind of protection you want. A security camera acts as. a way to capture information about what’s going on at your business while you’re away. Choose a system that gets you the best information for the size of your property and your installation budget. For more information and tips, visit our blog for updates.

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