It’s no shock that today, almost everyone knows the valuable plant that offers a myriad of health benefits. CBD oil is extracted from the green flower and is used in a myriad of ways. Apart from CBD oil, there are a variety of items made from cannabis like cookies and the best CBD gummies.

Today, CBD oil is prevalent. Thanks to the legalization of marijuana in various parts of the world. According to FDA statement, it approved purified CBD to treat seizures associated with epilepsy in patients aged two years and above.

CBD Oil Benefits

CBD oil is known in solving a plethora of health issues. Here are the benefits of CBD oil you probably don’t know.

Slows Cancer Cells from Spreading

There is still a great deal of research going on about the effectiveness of cannabinol on cancer. However, preliminary medical reports indicate that CBD oil might have the ability to slow and stop cancer cells from spreading.

Cannabis oil and CBD oil reduce the side effects and symptoms of cancer. More so, it reduces effects caused by cancer chemical medications. Other positive effects include:

  • Preventing unhealthy cell division
  • Reducing and probably stopping the spread of cancer cells in the body
  • Prompting the death of cancer cells, and
  • Preventing the growth of tumors in the lungs, breasts, and brain

Boost Brain Health

Although CBD does not bind with CB1 and CB2, it produces effects through multiple molecular pathways. Cannabis and its chemical compounds are capable of protecting brain cells from Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

Cannabis has also proven to have positive effects on patients who have multiple sclerosis and epilepsy. According to a study, CBD is also useful in dealing with conditions like Dravet syndrome.

Treats Migraines

Migraines is not the typical allergy-related headache, and it can last anywhere between 4 to 72 hours. Even being around light or noise can amplify your symptoms. Taking painkillers may alleviate migraine symptoms temporarily, but it might cause side effects.

This is where CBD oil comes in handy. Cannabis has been used for ages in managing pain, inflammation, and neurological symptoms. It can either be taken via ingestion or vaping.

Vaping CBD oil is helpful, especially if you have a severe migraine. The inhalation process is believed to deliver the compounds to your bloodstream fast and effectively. However, you only do this while at home as it can cause drowsiness.

On the other side, oral CBD has few or no side effects, making it ideal for beginners. You can take CBD capsules, or put a few drops under your tongue. Alternatively, you can eat CBD-infused treats.

You can take between 2.5 to 20mg of CBD oil per day for chronic pain. However, if you’re new to CBD oil, start with a small dose and gradually increase the dose. It will enable your body to adapt to oil and minimize the risk of side effects.

Skin Care

We all need a smooth and glowing skin. Even as we age, the skin tends to have wrinkles and lose its elasticity. If you still want to maintain glowing, smooth skin, then CBD oil is your ultimate solution.

CBD-infused hair and skincare products have become popular in recent years. Thanks to their nourishing and balancing properties that can protect and pamper your skin.

The CBD topicals like oils, balms, shampoos, lotions, and conditioners are formulated with CBD oil. These products are applied directly to the hair and skin. They get absorbed directly through skin’s pores, epidermis and hair follicles.

Reduce Depression and Anxiety

Your mental health is crucial. Depression and anxiety are common mental health disarrays that may have distressing effects on overall health.

According to a study by WHO, depression is the largest disability contributor across the globe, while anxiety is ranked sixth.

Some of the pharmaceutical drugs used in treating anxiety have some side effects like agitation, headache, drowsiness, and insomnia.

Various studies have shown that CBD oil can treat both anxiety and depression. It can also treat anxiety and insomnia in children with post-traumatic stress disorders.


Even with the above health benefits, you should never self-medicate with CBD oil without professional advice. Use of CBD oil is restricted in many countries. Therefore, consult a local health connoisseur before using any cannabis product.

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