5 Important Factors to Consider When Buying Scaffolds

Do you have everything for your next construction project? Some important items include ladders, trolleys, and a scaffold. Many experts believe the history of scaffolding dates back to ancient France, where people used it to make prehistoric wall art. Fast forward from over 1,700 years to present, various styles, materials, and sizes are now available. Consider some of these main factors to help you choose wisely:   


When selecting framework supports, some of the main materials include aluminium and fibreglass. Both materials have pros and cons. For example, when picking a material, you should consider factors like:

  • Weight
  • Strength
  • Durability
  • Stability
  • Maintenance


Make sure to review the height, length, and width of a particular unit. In some cases, you might be purchasing Commercial Scaffolders In Kent for a small household project. However, it’s better to pick an item that provides you with some leeway.

There are various ways to achieve this goal. Make sure to verify the equipment’s dimensions are proper for different cleaning, repair, and construction projects. You can also purchase multiple-sized supports to provide you with more options for your home or work projects.


When buying construction equipment, it’s important to consider how easy it is to move and store. Part of the process is related to the support’s size. A smaller unit will optimize mobility, portability, and storage.

Another factor is whether or not the unit is foldable. This provides an added benefit since it’s easier to transport and store the framework. Meanwhile, the foldable parts can also reduce the unit’s strength and durability, so it’s a tradeoff you should consider to help you pick the best unit.


The framework support’s price is based on various factors, including material, size, and mobility. For example, if you’re looking for mobile, fibreglass, or wide scaffolding, you should expect to pay a higher price tag than a small and stationary aluminium unit.   

One factor to consider is the total savings of buying over renting construction equipment. In many cases, renting equipment can take up a large percentage of your project’s total cost. If you intend to use the scaffolding for one small project, scaffolding hire might be more practical. This could allow you to rent an aluminium or fibreglass unit for under one-fifth of the retail price, for example.

Meanwhile, if you can use the equipment multiple times, then it could pay for itself over time. Make sure to do the calculations, so you can decide if buying or hiring equipment is a wiser choice. One X-factor to consider is rental costs can add up quickly over several weeks.

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Customer Service

This factor isn’t directly related to the support but is linked to your overall shopping experience. Make sure the company’s staff is well-trained, experienced, and friendly. It helps when they have experience in sectors like building and construction to improve your overall experience.

Another important factor is shipping. For example, a company provides more convenience when it has distribution centres in large cities like Sydney and Melbourne. This can help to get units shipped to your home or job sites as soon as possible.

Finally, warranties and returns are important related issues. For example, check how long it takes to process returns. Look for companies that complete the process within a month or so. Since the prehistoric times, people have been using framework supports to make work easier. Today you can pick the right scaffold based on factors like material, dimensions, and portability. You can even create wall décor that continues an ancient tradition!


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