For the inexperienced, digital marketing can be quite intimidating. There are seemingly countless options for how you can market your business online, and there is plenty of competition to go around. Sometimes, the best way to get started is to simply pick off some of the ‘low-hanging fruit’. In other words, you’ll try to pick off some easy wins before moving on to bigger steps.

The list below highlights five ideas for quick and easy digital marketing wins.

1 – Focus on Page Speed

One of the first steps you can take is to make sure that your page load speed is sufficient to impress both search engines and actual visitors. If you have pages which are slow to load, your visitors may leave before your pages are displayed, and search engines may mark you down in the rankings.

2 – Add Content

If you are in a particularly competitive market, it probably won’t be good enough to just post 300-word articles and posts to your site. Try exploring longer content pieces to give the search engines a better opportunity to find keywords and understand what your site is all about. This is a great tip because it doesn’t require any technical know-how. If you can write content, or you can hire someone to do so, you are in business.

3 – Submit to Directories

The internet is a big place. If you are trying to have your business found by as many potential customers as possible, submitting your information to business listings is a quick and easy way to expand your reach. This is another task that doesn’t demand any technical skills, and it can be done in your spare time.

4 – Build an Email List

This tip isn’t so much about finding more site visitors, but rather getting more out of the visitors who are already landing on your site. If you can collect email addresses and build a list that you can use for marketing purposes, you may be able to turn your current level of traffic into a larger number of sales.

5 – Controlled Ad Spending

At some point, you are probably going to venture into the world of paid ads as a complement to your organic SEO efforts. Paid ads have a reputation for being difficult to master, but you can gently work your way into this market without much risk. Carefully control your ad spend in the early going and only ramp it up as you start to find success.

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