The chances are you’ve heard of photo blankets before, and you might have even seen one in somebody’s home. Featuring a photo image printed imprinted on the material fibers, they can be used for both decorative and functional purposes. And best of all, many of the photo blankets available today can be customized with any picture you provide.

But if you’ve never owned a photo blanket before, integrating such a unique accessory into the existing design scheme of your home might seem like a challenge. So to make things easier, we’ve compiled 5 great photo blanket decor ideas.

#1. Use Photo Blankets to Layer the Room

Layering can transform a run-of-the-mill room into a space with real character. You’ll need to mix and match colors, textures and patterns to achieve that unique effect. And home textiles – throw blankets, for example – are key elements in a successful layering scheme.

Soft and cuddly blankets make a home interior look warm and welcoming – especially if you’re using custom-made photo blankets that won’t be found anywhere else. And besides acting as a crucial layer of your design scheme, a blanket printed with photos from your personal archive lets you literally wrap yourself in memories!

#2. Turn Photo Blankets into Bedcovers

Another way to display personalized photo blankets is to use them as bedspreads. These days we usually cover our beds with comforters or duvets, but there’s no reason why a photo blanket can’t find its place in the bedroom too. It’s a great stand-alone decor piece that can serve as the final layer of a bed set. And since photo blankets are surprisingly affordable these days, you can buy several and then switch up your bedding whenever you want a fresh look!

#3. Take Photo Blankets Outside

If you have a porch, a patio, or even a balcony, warm blankets are a perfect option for making these outdoor spaces feel cozy and comfortable.

When buying blankets for outdoor use, make sure they’re made from materials that are forgiving to sunlight, water, and stains – we recommend going for machine-washable fleece blankets (like the ones available from online stores like, who are one of the leading custom print providers in the US).

#4. Decorate with Blankets for the Holidays

Personalized throw blankets are perfect for infusing your home with a holiday mood – which is why Christmas themes are so popular as print choices. And there’s nothing to stop you going further and creating blankets to mark other special occasions through the year – Easter, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day etc.

Photo blankets can be printed with any design you choose, not just photos – so if you’ve got some neat graphic design skills, why not create a one-of-a-kind blanket pattern for every season?

#5. Hang Blankets on a Decorative Ladder

Warm and cozy photo blankets are mostly used in the cold season – and once the winter’s over they usually go into storage and remain hidden away until later in the year. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Even when you’re not using your blankets for staying cozy, you can keep them on display – with the help of a quirky blanket ladder.

Blanket ladders usually come in a rustic or boho style, in natural shades and simple designs. If you’re skilled in all things DIY, you can even make a ladder yourself, using driftwood or bits of wood left over from other decor projects!

Ladders don’t take up too much space and they won’t steal attention from the blankets. So if you want to create a colorful feature for your room and also keep an extra layer of warmth at arm’s reach, a blanket ladder is a great choice.

Final Words

It’s not an exaggeration to say that photo blankets are among the most overlooked decor features. Coming home to a soft cuddly blanket can do wonders for your mood, but blankets can be used for more than just keeping warm and cozy while watching a movie on the sofa – they’re real statement pieces that transform a regular space into something truly unique. So why not design a photo blanket right now and try out our decor tips for yourself?