If you are ready to go for prom with the perfect dress, accessories, and date, the next thing you need to make sure you cover is your prom photos! Prom is not unlike a wedding where you want to make sure you have the perfect event captured perfectly for the rest of time.

What things would you need to consider to make sure you have the best pictures possible from prom? We’ve got you covered with this handy little guide!

Find The Right Background For Your Prom Dress

Make sure you consider how your prom dress will look against certain backgrounds. If you are wearing white prom dresses, the last thing you want is a white background! In that case, you would want to find a lovely area outdoors, where the greenery will create a beautiful, softening contrast with the white of your dress.

Take Multiple Shots

How many times have you seen group photos with one person blinking or accidentally pulling a weird face? If you have group shots, it’s always best practice to take multiple shots as there is a higher likelihood of having at least one photo that everyone is happy with.

Some people will grumble about it, but they will thank you later! Rule of thumb: the more people in the picture, the more ‘extra’ shots you should take.

Use Different Angles

Not every angle will suit every person or show off the best aspects of every prom dress. For example, when thinking about prom dresses 2019, you’d want to consider taking a photo of a dress with a thigh-high slit from a side angle to really show off your gorgeous legs!

If you have a low-back dress – another popular choice for a 2019 prom dress – taking pictures from the back with you looking over your shoulder would really show off your dress and produce a lovely silhouette.

Have Some Fun

You don’t necessarily need to do serious poses but pulling faces is a little pass√©. These days it’s more about coming up with fun action shots, for example, playing a pretend game of tug-of-war with your friends.

You can also try adding some fun elements like balloons or sparklers, or even add your beloved pets into the picture!

You also need to consider how your dress will look in these sorts of photos – JJ’s House has a lot of different options for prom dresses if you’re wanting to find something more unique and creative that will really pop in your pictures!

Don’t Rush

Whatever you do, don’t let anyone rush you through these photos – they are going to be something you look at for the rest of your life! Additionally, make sure you allow for plenty of time to take photos when you are planning out your timeline for the day.

Try and allow at last 30-60 minutes to try and take photos in different settings so you can pick and choose later, which compliment you and your dress best. It’s your day – don’t let anyone mess with it!