Those that regularly find themselves out in the wilderness need clothing that can keep up with the trials to be found out there. Of all fabrics, Merino wool sits elevated from the rest. It’s tough, warm, comfortable, and it won’t tear after you have worn it a few times. Merino wool is about more than fashionable camouflage, it’s about what materials will work with you, to make your life easier.

Let’s get deep down and dirty with Merino wool. What makes it better than traditional wool, anyway?

The 5 Reasons you Should Choose Merino

Read on for our take on why we should always choose Merino wool for our outdoors wear.

1 – It’s Easy to Care For

There are a lot of common misconceptions about how we ought to care for our Merino outdoors gear. Actually, it isn’t complicated at all. If you keep the fabric away from harsh chemicals, fabric softeners, and bleach, it will lengthen the life of your camo. You should wash it with a tough material (like denim) to minimise pilling, and you simply leave it to air dry, inside out. You can find more details in this Merino Wool Care Guide, but it really is easier than you’d think.

2 – Merino Wool has Longer fibres

The extraordinary length of the woollen fibres that Merino wool contains, makes it extremely useful as a woven fabric. The longer fibres bind together, making a tougher, more durable item of clothing. The length of these fibres works to prevent holes, tears, or scuffs, to the fabric over the years. This is one of the primary reasons why Merino wool will last a decade or more if you treat it well.

3 – It’s Super-Soft

As well as being long lasting, merino wool is super-soft beside your skin. You can wear it day in and day out, and it won’t lead to chaffing or rubbing. If you have ever been out in the wilderness with bad gear on, then you already learned how important this is. When clothing pinches or hurts it reduces your capacity for movement or for covering distances quickly. The last thing you want is to be stuck out in the bush with no antiseptic and a worsening wound.

4 – It’s Super-Warm

To add a cherry on top of the already bountiful Merino wool cake, it is warm and cosy, holding all the thermal properties needed to keep a sheep either warm or cool in all weathers. It’s naturally waterproof, which allows extra warmth when it gets wet in exactly the same way as it does to the sheep! And that leads us to our final point…

5 – It still has all the Benefits of Traditional Wool

Although it is much better at a myriad of things, the wool of the Merino sheep is still wool. This means that it contains all of the benefits you would expect wool to have, incorporated into its design. This means it’s easy to keep, will last a long time, is warm in winter and cool in summer, won’t hurt you against your skin… the list is endless.

That Leaves One Question…

Why aren’t you wearing Merino wool when you go out exploring? It really does make the most sense.