This year’s certainly been a rollercoaster ride for people around the globe. Severe lockdowns during March this year saw 20% of the world’s population confined to their homes in an attempt to limit the spread of COVID19. 

As a result, millions of businesses and attractions find themselves desperately trying to make up for the lost income. In the USA, we’re fortunate enough to enjoy several freedoms that allow us to continue with our daily lives and support these businesses that rely on foot traffic for their survival. 

Are you wondering what to do during the pandemic without endangering your health? Going out during COVID isn’t completely off the cards. 

Here’s a heads up about socially distant outdoor activities that are a good fit for ongoing good health.

1. Outdoor Activities in Parks 

You’re a lot less likely to come into contact with nasty viruses in wide-open spaces. So, put on your mask, and make plans to visit a local patch of greenery or a State Park soon.

At these places, you can bike, hike, and picnic without fear of crowds and cramped spaces. 

2. Markets and Fairs 

Many micro businesses rely on these outlets for their only income. So, the next time you’re looking for fresh produce or a unique gift rather support a local market instead of your nearest grocery store.

You’ll find thinner crowds at these open-air venues and lots of space to enjoy some fresh air while keeping your distance. Many of these temporary setups use much safer portable bathroom trailers instead of fixed ablutions too. 

3. Sports Activities

Non-contact sports are mostly totally safe, provided you wear a mask. So golf, horseback riding, tennis, and other non-team sports are still on the cards for fitness enthusiasts.

Swimming is also a safe activity, provided there aren’t too many other people crammed onto the beach or around a public pool. 

4. Animal Antics

Most zoos and safari parks are open with limited visitor numbers. These attractions are a great diversion for bored children and they’ll learn something in the process too.  

As long as you follow the safety guidelines put in place by these attractions you can visit without fear of infection. 

5. More Family Fun

Are you not quite ready to brave going out during the pandemic? There are plenty of ways to get some fresh air in your own back yard too.

You can set up a treasure hunt for the children, start a vegetable garden, or enjoy a multitude of ball games in safety. 

Get Out More

When you’re ready to emerge back into the world of outdoor activities, it’s important to use a little common sense to keep yourself safe from harmful germs. So wear a mask when necessary, keep your distance from other folks for now, and wash your hands regularly. 

If you need some more inspiration about ways to keep yourself amused and entertained, keep reading our blog. We’ve got information on a wide variety of things to do and see all over the world. 

At the very least, you’ll have some informative reading to keep you busy while you’re stuck indoors.  

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