Pet sitters are to pets what baby sitters are to kids. Every parent wants their kids to be well taken care of at any point in time. So when they are not available, they make alternative arrangements for a responsible older person to take care of them.

As no responsible parent would leave a minor at home all by themselves; so also no pet parent should leave a pet all by itself for a protracted period of time. But so many times, pet parents have been caught in a quandary about leaving their pets alone when they had to make a quick trip.

On occasions when some pet owners have to travel without their pets, they resort to begging friends, family or neighbours to help them sit their pets. While some of these people have been gracious enough to oblige, this is not something you should do every time you have to travel.

There are several options you can check out apart from your friends, neighbours or family. You can check here for more information.

Apart from when you travel, there are some signs that would indicate that you need a pet sitter for your furry friend(s).  We would discuss just 5 of those signs here; so keep reading for more details.

5 Signs That You Need A Pet Sitter

When Your Dog Starts Chewing Up Furniture and Stuff

If you come back from work to find that your pet has chewed up or clawed through some pieces of furniture, it means that they were bored all through the day. They need some attention and shouldn’t be left on their own for long.

Imagine the dread you feel everyday wondering which of your precious item your furry friend has chewed up or damaged? Apart from the clean-up, there’s also the issue of the cost of replacement of those stuff.  And what if they are stuff that’s irreplaceable?

Your Canine Friend Demands A Walk After Dinner

This scenario plays out like this: – you have finished with dinner and cleaning up and you are about ready to flop into bed. But your dog is by the door wagging its tail; an indication that it wants to go for a walk.

Instead of taking it for a walk, you find a way to placate it or divert its attention from the door so that you can sleep already. How long do you think you can keep up with that?

Your Dog Is Becoming Overweight

Your Dog Is Becoming Overweight

This happens when you keep denying the dog the proper exercise that it needs. We understand that you are very busy and barely have time to catch your breath what with all that you have to do in 24 hours. But note that the danger of an overweight dog is exposure to different health complications; so exercise is very important to avoid that.

Some people may be able to create the time but do not have the ability to walk 2 or more dogs at once. So short of walking the dogs one after the other, there’s nothing they can do except outsource this duty. 

Neighbours Are Concerned About The Well Being Of Your Dog

If it happens that every time you come back from work your neighbour(s) asks about the wellbeing of your dog, then it means something happened while you were away. One reason for this question would be because your dog was barking all day.

That’s not a good thing as it would constitute a nuisance to the neighbourhood. What if some of your neighbours work from home? How do you think they’ll feel with the constant barking of a bored dog in the background?

You Are Distracted At Work

 Whenever you are at work and you just can’t concentrate. You feel guilty about leaving your furry friend(s) at home as you work long hours away from them.  Your thoughts constantly stray to what they are doing per time, whether they are hungry, bored or even safe.

This is an indication that you need a highly trained and qualified pet sitter to ease your guilt and allow you concentrate on work.

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How To Get Trusted Pet Sitters

One factor that’s very critical about getting a sitter for your pet is trust. How can you be sure that your precious animal would be well taken care of?  Apart from your pet, the person would also have access to your home and everything in it.

For this reason, it is very expedient that you look out for an organisation that is registered, bonded, licensed and insured. These factors mean that the firm has gone through thorough scrutiny by the authorizing bodies and are confirmed as legitimate. Furthermore, you can also seek redress from the authorising body if things did not go as expected or agreed upon.

One fast way of getting all the information in this regard is by checking out the Better Business Bureau. Their rating on this site would let you know whether you can trust the pet sitters or not. It is always best to go with those that have a rating of A+ or at least an A.

Similarly, you can check out sites such as for information on how these firms should operate.

Another effective way of getting the right sitter for your beloved pet(s) is by asking trusted friends and acquaintances or family. There really is nothing that beats testimonial from real experience or interaction with these service providers.


From all that we have discussed above, you can see that there is no reason for you to be stressed about the wellbeing of your pet. Whether you have to travel or work late, you can do so without guilt. All you have to do is look out for the right professional to help you out.

Additionally, your dog(s) can also benefit from these professionals by getting regular exercises. This would greatly improve their health and leave you with a companion that would last long with you.


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