For many people, the events of the last year and a half have been a real eye-opener. Being limited on how much time you can spend outdoors and where you can go has really shown us just how important fresh air and being active is for physical health and our mental health.

Getting outside for a quick walk or to take the kids is all very well and great in its own way. However, there is nothing to quite rival sport in the great outdoors. Here are five outdoor sports you may want to consider taking up.

Mountain biking

Once you have the right equipment, a good bike, a helmet and riding gear, cycling is, in fact, a very accessible sport. With a bit of careful planning, this is a sport that you can begin from your own front door. However, if you are looking to turbocharge your adventures, invest in a suitable cycle carrier. You can travel just about anywhere to find a great trail.

If you are new to cycling, find an excellent local cycle shop and ask for their purchasing advice. Remember to try a bike before you buy one, as you want to make sure you are comfortable with the one you select. Cycling is a great sport that will benefit strength and cardio fitness.


There is something about the beach that can be pretty soothing. Perhaps it’s the sound of the waves? Whatever it is that makes the beach a great place to go, surfing is a really great sport to get you out in the fresh air and with a good wetsuit, something that you can do all year round. Equipment is critical here, so make sure you buy from a shop that will offer you the right advice. If you are not sure that surfing will be for you, then why not head for one of the numerous beaches that offer surfing lessons and equipment rental and give it a try first.

Remember, even with a good wetsuit, you are likely to feel the chill when you come out of the water, so invest in a good beach poncho like the one from Booicore.


Wild swimming, which is swimming in lakes and rivers, has seen a surge in popularity in recent years. This outdoor swimming is not for the faint of heart and can be rather chilly. However, it is incredibly beneficial for our health. You will find open water venues all over the UK. These are mainly open to the public and unmanned spaces, so it is essential to read up on the safety aspect of this type of swimming before getting started.


If you love walking but prefer a bit of a challenge with spectacular views as a payoff, then consider hill walking rather than mainly walking on the flat. You may find that investing in some walking poles will help with this one, and you will undoubtedly want to splash out on some good quality footwear. Hillwalking is great for stamina and building up muscle – but conditions can quickly change, so remember to check the weather before setting off. Charge your phone as well and take a map and compass in case you get lost.

Stand up paddle boarding

A relative newcomer stand up paddle boarding has become rather popular recently. Whilst most people prefer calmer waters it can be enjoyed at the beach as well. This is great for calming the soul and offering beautiful views. You will need a paddle, a board and a wetsuit, and if you are new to paddle boarding, this is best done in small groups or pairs.

Whatever sport you opt to take up as restrictions lift, we’re sure you’ll make it a summer to remember.


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