Sherwani outfits are classy and it is the reason why most men prefer to wear them on special occasions. You will mostly see men in these outfits at weddings. However, there are different sherwani outfits for different occasions. For instance, some people will prefer to show up in an Indo-western suit for a wedding while others may choose something different.

There are many occasions where you can wear sherwani. You can wear this beautiful outfit for corporate events and festivities. Here are the three major occasions you can celebrate in a sherwani outfit.


It could be that you are a host at the party or a guest, a heavy embroidered sherwani can be used to grace weddings. It is an outfit that will bring you to the limelight at the event. 


Another occasion that you can show off your beautiful sherwani outfit is a wedding anniversary. You can celebrate your marriage by throwing a grand party for this occasion. The sherwani will be perfect for the event.

Birthday Parties

Birthdays are fun and usually, a great way to celebrate this day is to spend time with the people you love. You can plan a fancy party where everyone gets to dress classy. A sherwani will be suitable for events like this where you need to be presentable.

What Are The Different Types Of Sherwani?

Whether you are planning to attend a wedding, anniversary, or birthday, you will need great attire to match the event. There are different types of sherwani outfits. We have compiled a few of these beautiful traditional outfits to help you pick the right one for any occasion.

Achkan Sherwani

This design is inspired by the latest trends today. You can pair it with jackets, churidars or dhoti. This sherwani is quite expensive and its jodhpuri prints give it a unique look compared to other prints. This sherwani takes a lot of time and effort to make, so you would only find it in limited quantities.

Indo-Western Sherwani

This type of sherwani outfit is a blend of traditional and modern designs. You will still look royal while at the same being casual. It is a preferred choice for weddings for most men.

Jacket-Style Sherwani

This jacket style sherwani design is also very beautiful. You can choose to have all the buttons fastened or loosened. You can wear this over a long kurta. It makes you look regal. This type of sherwani can be combined with a churidar salwar and also a pair of juttis to match.

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Angrakha Sherwani

If you are looking for a sherwani that would allow you to flaunt your figure, Angrakha sherwani does that. It would be perfect for someone with a muscular build. This sherwani is simple and great for weddings. You would like it because of its perfect fitting.

Printed Sherwani

Finally, the fifth type on our list is the printed Sherwani. It is the newest trend in the market today. You would fall in love with the design. The sherwani is what grooms these days wear to their weddings.


These are the types of sherwani options you will find today. You can choose to wear any of them for special occasions, and if you’re still looking for stylish choices, you can check out It all depends on your preference. You should wear what you are comfortable in, but when choosing styles, remember to pick something fit for the event.

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