Hair extensions may be cool to do but it requires a lot of care. They can be both ways, if you do it carefully, then you will end up with a good style as we have no risk to the hair. But on the other hand, if you do not do or get it done in the correct way, it will not only damage your hair but also will give a bad design. Therefore, for the best results, below listed are the ways in which you can take care while hair extensions:


The quality of hair extensions you buy should be the best. You can not risk your hair by getting a low-quality hair extension. Therefore, you can buy hair extensions in Melbourne which will serve you with an amazing quality that too for a long time. Moreover, you should also be selective about the design and style you are picking up. It should go well with your current hairstyle so that people do not suspect or notice your hair extension.

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After you are done with the use of your hair extensions, you should keep and store them properly in order to get it in the same condition when you take it out next time. When you store it, ensure that you keep it in a dry and cool place to keep up the quality of your hair extension. One must also brush the hair extension after the use so that they remain knot-free for the next use. If it gets knots, you will no longer enjoy using it as it’s quality will degrade.

Reduce Shedding:

Like human hair, hair in extensions also may also reduce by shedding if you do not take the proper measures. First of all, when you are washing it, you should not use harsh products on them. After washing, they should be dried properly and only after they are almost dried you should brush them in order to remove the knots. If you brush them in wet conditions, then the brush will start shedding the hair in extensions.

Dying Your Extensions:

After using your hair extensions, if they remain in good condition, then you can think about changing its style by applying a dye and getting color on them. Similar to the hair products, the dye used for your hair extension should be of good quality and must not contain chemicals that ruin the quality of your hair extensions. Else, after spending on dyeing, you will find the degraded quality of your hair extensions.

During Sleep:

Hair extends well to put on when you are on a special occasion. But when you are done with it and you return home, you should remove them for sure. Mostly it happens that when you return back, you feel tired to do such work and sleep with extensions on your hair. It will not only ruin your hair extension but also affect your hair scalp.


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