Running a boutique apparel shop is a dream for many fashion-savvy individuals. It can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but it also takes a lot of work to build a loyal customer base. 

So, how can you make your new store a place that passersby just have to stop and browse through? Here are five strategies you can implement to turn the heads (and feet!) of everyone who walks past your clothing store.

1. Maximize Your Layout’s Potential

Your boutique needs to make a strong impression on new customers the minute they walk through the door. You want to grab their attention with merchandise that is attractively displayed and organized to create a positive shopping experience.

But how do you figure out the best way to show off your products within your store’s unique layout?

Investing in market leading planogram software will allow you to experiment with different designs in a virtual setting before you go to the trouble of rearranging your physical store. The software can also use input from your sales data and your store’s specific dimensions to suggest the most efficient and customer-friendly way to optimize your boutique’s layout.

2. Design a Killer Sign

Your sign is often the first thing customers on the street notice about your store. It should capture the attention of potential shoppers without being too busy or overwhelming, and it should represent your brand and image well. If you’re using colors, make sure they contrast enough for the sign to be legible. You should also choose a simple font that makes your store’s name easy to read.

3. Dress Up Your Window

A dynamic and exciting window display does more than catch the eye; it draws customers into your store by piquing their interest while they’re still on the sidewalk. Studies suggest that customers are more likely to enter a store if they feel favorable towards the merchandise displayed in the window, particularly when it comes to clothing stores. 

If you’re stuck for inspiration, consider putting up themed displays that reflect the current season or the next national or cultural holiday. You never know who might be looking for a red dress around Valentine’s Day or who might be interested in purchasing a green top for St. Paddy’s.

4. Make a User-Friendly Website

With smartphones a nearly ubiquitous presence these days, it’s important to make sure your business looks just as good online as it does in person. If someone notices your storefront and pulls out their mobile device to learn more, you want to make sure your boutique is easy to find and follow on social media and that your website is both attractive and simple to navigate. Customers who don’t have time to stop and shop when they first notice your store are more likely to return another day if they can find you easily on the internet. Blank Label is a good example, head on to their website and you be the judge.

5. Consider a Sidewalk Sale

Everyone loves a great deal when shopping for clothes, and few things attract more customers than sales. Why not utilize your sidewalk space to promote the bargains you’re offering? 

People passing by your store will find it nearly impossible to resist combing through the rack of enticing fashion pieces you’ve set out for their perusal, and many of them will choose to come into your store to see what else you have to offer.

Just make sure you abide by your community’s laws regarding sidewalk usage. For instance, New York City allows businesses to display merchandise on the sidewalk, but all transactions must be carried out indoors.

Make Your Boutique a Neighborhood Hit

With these five tips, you will not only see more customers enter your shop but also save time and energy figuring out which strategies work best. 

So, before you start experimenting with mannequin placement, upgrade your software, make a website, and spruce up your window display and sign. Once you’ve done these essentials, advertised a sale and prepare for new customers at your door.