We all have two sides to our brains, the left and the right. It’s been suggested, although not proven, that people who are more analytical lean more on the left side of their brain, while people who are more creative and emotional lean more on the right side. Whether this is true or not, we all do have a creative side and it’s a good idea to tap into it every once in a while.

Creativity gives you problem-solving skills and allows you to develop confidence. When you embrace your creative side, it can help relieve stress brought on by your day-to-day life. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed from work and life in general, and having a creative outlet can give you some peace. Find the activity that allows you to do something simply for the joy of it without any external pressure or obligation. Chances are, you already have creative intuitions, passions and interests, so what’s holding you back from embracing that part of your personality? If you’re looking for a way to engage with your creativity, consider a few of these options.

1. Writing

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Writing is a great way to get your thoughts out on paper. If you find that your brain is filled with distractions and you have trouble focusing on your daily tasks, it may be useful to start or end your day with journaling. Writing can take many different forms. Maybe you’re a great storyteller and want to write works of fiction, or maybe short poems are more your speed. Perhaps you should to start a blog to share your own life experiences. There are plenty of user-friendly blog platforms online to check out.

Writing isn’t only a creative outlet, it can turn into a side business as well. If you ever decide to go that route, you’ll want to be sure that your grammar and technical skills are perfect. So while you may not have worried about how many pages is 1000 words when you were writing for fun, it will be more important to know if you’re hitting a word or page count once you turn it into a side gig. Certain online sites can help edit and proofread your writing for you, so you can focus on the creativity over everything else. The Word Counter is a great option, since it can check your grammar, spelling and count your words or pages in real-time as you write your blog.

2. Gardening

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Some people‘s creativity comes alive when they work with nature. No matter where you are and what climate you’re working with, gardening is a great way to reengage with your creativity and spirituality. It allows you to experience growth and play. With so many avenues, you can learn so much about different plants and how to take care of them. Even exotic plants like aralia ming stump can become a great part of your unique collection. You can find the biography and care needs for a lot of plants online to be sure your creative outlet continues growing just like your creative spirit. Whether you live in cooler or warmer climates, whether you’re interested in a bonsai or a regular container plant, you can find information online to help you discover your green thumb.

3. Crafting

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Sometimes the best way to be creative is to get into crafting. This can be done in a plethora of different ways with many available mediums. Knitting, crocheting or needlepointing can be a great outlet for your hands, and it’s not just for old ladies anymore. Learn how to work with papier mâché or make a collage. There’s such a sense of achievement when you create something new, so enjoy it!

4. Cooking

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Your creative side can intersect with other interests as well, like food. Spending time in the kitchen can be another way to engage your creativity by making new recipes and cooking up something special. And what could be better than being creative and getting to eat what you make? It will feed your soul as well as your body.

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5. Performing

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Have you ever heard the phrase that you should “sing like nobody is listening and dance like nobody is watching?” Performance arts are great outlets for your creativity. Whether you join a local community theatre, go out for a karaoke night or have a dance party in your living room, it can feel great to let loose and perform. Audience or no audience, enjoy yourself and let your creativity out by singing and dancing like no one is watching.

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